Friday, June 29, 2012

June 29, 2012 – Roller Coaster

Oh I have so many things to tell you about our vacation.  We had an excellent time, met some really wonderful people, saw some cool things.  All of which I will get to, but 1st I want to tell you about the coolest thing we did, which was on the last day of our trip.
We went to the Gröna Lunds Tivoli in Stockholm and rode a crazy roller coaster.  Don’t believe anything L says, she “wanted” to go on the roller coaster.  It looked really scary so I wanted to go as well, but I was a little nervous that I might not be able to manage it because I have an equilibrium problem when I can’t track a stable horizon. 

The Crazy Roller Coaster

There is a spot near the end where I think we got flipped 360 degrees and yes we saw that BEFORE we went on the ride

So and I get to the platform and the guy tells us we have to leave our bags on the platform, oh and asks us if our glasses are tight on our faces.  This was my first, well maybe second clue, that maybe this was not the smartest move for 40-something year old women.  Ok this is strange but my 1st moment of panic came before we even sat in the seats of the ride.  My panic… “Oh God Please Let me fit in the seat.”  Seriously, THAT was my worry, that I might be too large for the damn seat. 

L and I get in the seats, we’re locked in/strapped in, and we’re ready for fun.  That is until it started to move and the very 1st thing it did was tip us forward so we were looking at the ground.  Then the normally articulate L was reduced to saying “Oh My God… Oh My God!!!”  I, on the other hand was unable to say anything at all because I was too busy laughing hysterically.  The key word is “hysterically”.  I have a habit of laughing at incredibly inappropriate times.

I was scared out of my mind and started to panic a little when the ride ended and the attendant unstrapped us but the arm thingy didn’t lift.  I was freaked that it wasn’t going to let us off and despite LOVING the ride I was not prepared to go for another spin right that second.

How do you know it was a good ride?  The adrenalin rush had my hands shaking and I seriously considered going again.

Roller Coasters back on my list of things I can do!

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  1. I LOVE roller coasters!! That one looks absolutely insane!

    I once had a special pass and went on the Nitro at six flags 5 times in one day. Amazing.