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June 2, 2012 – Book Review – Runaway by Anne Laughlin

Runaway by Anne Laughlin
Publisher: Bold Strokes Books
Genre: Romance

Description from the Bold Strokes website

“With her life as a private investigator in Chicago firmly established, Jan Roberts can often forget where she came from—a backwoods survivalist camp run by her paranoid, dictatorial father. After risking her life at sixteen to escape the camp, she finds it hard to understand the runaway teenager she's been hired to find. With each step on the trail to find her, Jan realizes the girl is running to the same part of Idaho she fled, a digital age version of her father's way of life.

Complicating her mission is the new owner of the security firm she works for, a former British agent who has her own secrets to hide. When the sparks fly between them, Jan finds Catherine wanting to share not only her bed, but also her quest to find the missing teen. The journey to the deep woods of Idaho is a voyage to the heart of darkness for Jan, where the reality of her past can no longer be contained, nor her feelings for Catherine denied.

Review 2 out of 5 Stars

When I started reading this book I was intrigued by the character of Jan and the premise that she had escaped life in a radical militia camp and was now living under a false identity.  The problem is that as the book progressed I ended up wanting something different than what was delivered.  It’s a romance novel so I guess I should have just wanted Jan and Catherine to hurry up and figure out that they were meant to be together.  The problem for me was that the relationship between them was just not interesting. 

What was interesting were the Maddy/Militia story line and the potential consequences of Jan’s living under a false identity and how that effected her personality.  These were somehow central to the entire story and yet never really felt like they got fleshed out. 

I’m certainly not sorry I read the book, and it never made me just want to give up on it, but it was just ok.

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