Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June 19, 2012 – Still More Random Things

Some guy is coming by the apartment today to take the spare key so they can begin “showing” it for rent.  One step closer

Meri and I went for a run today and I succumbed to the urge to stick my head in the fountain in the center of town.  It felt great and I think it will become part of my running ritual.  Well until someone yells at me.

I am totally and completely ready for our holiday.

Packing for a cruise seems to be a little more difficult than a regular beach vacation.  Mostly because they told us that in Saint Petersburg and Moscow some of the places we are going to visit are more conservative and you can’t wear tank tops or shorts that display your knees.  Now sure my knees may not be that attractive but they won’t make you go blind.  In fact that is the easiest request for me to comply with.  My shorts cover my knees… mostly.  It’s the non tank top thing that is tough. Almost every summer shirt I have is sleeveless.

I have the beastly boy ready for camp.  At least I have his stuff ready for camp. 

Is it wrong that I am counting down the time?  To oh so many things

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  1. Not at all. It makes the trip even more adventurous and amazing.

  2. Just your head? hell woman, get the whole body in the fountain - Philly has lots of fountains and the warmer the day, the better the water feels I used to play in them all the time - have fun

  3. Knees?! Woohoo! Hot stuff!