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June 16, 2012 - Book Review – River Walker by Cate Culpepper

River Walker by Cate Culpepper
Publisher: Bold Strokes Books
Romance/Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

Book Description

“Any night La Llorona walks the river is a night to stay indoors.

One moonlit midnight, two very different women meet on the banks of the muddy Rio Grande. Grady Wrenn is a cultural anthropologist, enthralled by a local ghost story about a vengeful spirit known as the River Walker. Elena Montalvo, a spiritual healer, is that tortured spirit’s only defender. Together, Grady and Elena must find a way to end the River Walker’s murderous vendetta— and overcome a maze of cultural barriers to find each other.”

5 out of 5 Stars

This is by no means Cate Culpepper’s 1st book.  However, it is the 1st book that I have read written by her.  I’ve heard good things about her Tristiane series but it’s just has never peaked my interests.  I’m not even sure that I would have come across this book if Megan and a few others in the Goodreads book group “Mostly Lesfic” hadn’t recommended it.  “Thanks Ladies!”

I LOVED this story.  I can clearly pinpoint why:  Grady felt real.  Her pain and loss felt real.  I think it’s a difficult balance when an author can make a character feel damaged but not make them feel like a caricature.  There were also definite pieces of Elena’s personality that reminded me of people I’ve known in my own personal life, and she was a terrific balance to Grady’s academic view of the world.

Then there is the mystery of La Llorona which kept me intrigued throughout the story, with an unexpected plot twist.

Now I have to go see what other Cate Culpepper books I need to read.

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