Friday, June 1, 2012

June 1, 2012 – The Repatriation Process Begins

It looks like we’ll be coming home (or “going” depending on your perspective) in late September.  L had a conversation with the guy who helped relocate us here to start the reverse process so the ball is officially rolling.

It’s a little earlier than planned but I would rather earlier versus a delay.  I can also honestly say I am ready to go home.  I do have a minor concern, I’ve always talked to myself but that has hit epic proportions here in Switzerland.  Now, not only do I talk to myself out loud I answer myself.  Here that’s not a big deal because I assume most people have no idea what I am saying let alone having a full conversation with myself… but at home… that might be a problem.  I’m going to sound like some of the people you see walking the streets looking out of sorts.  You know, the ones people take a wide berth around so as not to be drawn into a conversation with the invisible friends. 

Beyond the talking to myself thing, I’m assuming that the return process will actually be less stressful.  We already know where we are going to live.  That would be HOME; a big “thank you” to my sister for house sitting for us in our absence.  When we moved here, relocating the dogs was a huge stressor for me, I don’t think Ernie will enjoy the trip back any more than he did the actual trip here but at least I can speak with someone in the US to find out what I need to do to make that happen.  If you need a laugh feel free to revisit the beastly boy's travel antics

So our adventures continue.

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  1. That's good news that you get to come home. As for the talking to yourself bit, I have the solution. Often when I'm walking down the street and I hear someone who seems to be talking to me or to themselves, but they're too well-dressed to be a street person, when I look more closely, they have these on. So I think you can fit right in and avoid the men in the white jackets if you just wear earphones. ;-)

  2. Great idea from NL!

    Once upon a time, mom and I were at a stoplight- Across the street was a man who was talking to himself...
    We have all seen these people-
    But what captured our attention was that (and I believe he may have been schizophrenic)- But he was not only speaking in 2 different voices, he was VERY animated with each.

    And he danced too. Sorta.

    We were saddened when the light turned green.

    Welcome [back] to America.
    While you might cause an accident, at least you cannot be put away for such behavior. (Then again, we never did see him again)...