Friday, May 4, 2012

May 4, 2012 – P!nk

I like Pink’s music I really do.  I’ve been listening to a number of her songs while I work out and that’s made the process more enjoyable.  But, (yes I know that is not grammatically correct) and this is a huge deal, I don’t enjoy Pink when I am trying to sleep and her damn Funhouse song keeps rolling through my head.  I’m just about to fall asleep and the next thing I know I’m humming the damn song.  Ok it’s not a hummable song.  I can’t even tell you the lyrics… I can hear them in my head but they are trapped there.  So how do I get this damn song out of my head?  Oh I’ve taken drastic measures; right now my iPod is playing Patsy Cline “Have You Ever Been Lonley.”  If that doesn’t do it then maybe the next song on the queue will: Sinead O’Connor “Black Boys on Mopeds.”  Is it any wonder I have a headache?  Alright I can’t blame the headache on the Pink or any other music, I’m fairly certain it’s going to rain tomorrow and I’m blaming weather.

As for my exercise progress, I’m extremely pleased with myself but I am also taking today off as a day of “rest” tomorrow we (and my multiple personalities) will start again.  Oh and for those of you familiar with my alter ego Madame Viper, she’s into looking good but not working out so much, I’m pretty sure it’s the “stop the insanity” woman who follows us around as we run.

Happy Friday

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  1. I don't know the name of the song that came on the radio- or on one of Casey's CD's- but I asked who sang it because it was catchy and nice- She replied "pink"
    Sorry for the bad memory.