Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May 30, 2012 – Road Trip – Normandy France Part 2

When we arrived we checked into Chateau La Cheneviere.  Chateau = Big Ass Old House, a very nice… old house.  I have to say, the place had all the things we like: quiet, clean, and very comfortable.  Plus it was conveniently located near the places we wanted to see. 

I personally had 3 objectives for this trip: I wanted see:

The American Cemetery in Colleville-Sur-Mer
            Omaha Beach
            Mont Saint-Michel

It was late afternoon when we arrived and the memorials were closed but we took the time to go to the various beaches where the British, Canadians, and Americans stormed the beaches.  I don’t think I have ever seen a beach that was so long or wide.  My 1st reaction was, these men had to be terrified, when you look at the beaches and the cliffs that they scaled you just know that these men had to know they were going to die.  At least the 1st few waves of men had to think that. 

Omaha Beach

This next view is from the beach.  The structures in the distance is a memorial listing the names of the people who died but that is also where the bunkers were and to the right is where one of the german guns was positioned.

Pointe De Hoc Ranger Memorial
Then we went a little further up to Pointe De Hoc Ranger Memorial.  This is where the 2nd Ranger Battalion had to land on the beach and scale the cliffs to take out the German guns that were guarding the area.

These are some of the scars left behind by the bombs dropped by the Allied forces.  This is when I realized that the German’s also had to be scared.

One of the gun turrets/bunkers

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  1. What an awesome rendition of spirit as you looked upon history.

    Speaking of history, was the Chateau La Cheneviere haunted, even a little?