Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May 29, 2012 – Normandy France – Road Trip Part 1

Saturday morning we hopped into the car and headed for Normandy France.  Now I knew this was going to be a long drive but I was prepared.  We figured we would try to limit our stops and try to coordinate the need for gas with necessary bathroom breaks.  Why am I telling you this?  Well despite having given in on one of our transatlantic flights and using an airplane bathroom I still have some standards.   We made a quick stop at a gas station/rest area but the line was literally out the door for the ladies room.  We knew from the GPS that there was rest area just up the road so we decided to skip it and stop at the next one.

L walked into the next one – turned around and said “There is no way that you will ever use this bathroom.”  I thought she meant it was dirty, which is a show stopper for me, but oh no, that was not the case.  This was one of those bathrooms where, it’s difficult to describe, there is no toilet.  Instead it’s kind of like a shower stall with two foot imprints where you’re supposed to place your feet.  I’m assuming to minimize splashing.  If you can see my face as I cringe even thinking about it.  I rank that form of outhouse right up there with going outside.  Which I can still claim I have not done nor do I intend on availing myself of such an adventure, but back to the foot prints.  Seriously how does that work?  No don’t tell me.  How on earth does the person using this thing NOT get soaked?  Sure I can conceptualize it if you are in a skirt, but pants?  Ok and not that I want anyone to tell me the answer to this next question but it needs to get out of my head.  What happens if you have to do something more than pee?  Really DO NOT tell me.  I admit it if my life depended on it, going outside seems safer and easier than the whole footprint thingy.

Tomorrow I’ll share pics and things

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  1. Hmmmm a posting about the two feet and then she says she will share pics.....

    The anticipation builds!

  2. Oops.. Forgot to tell you about the 'turkish toilets' still in use in some parts in France.... btw.. the hardest part is flushing... to answer your questions they are some people who have put out Youtube videos on how to use them...go figure!!!!

  3. ok ok ok I will not tell you how...lol but I am a pro at this, due to the fact i grew up on this type of toilets. Two metal feet marks and a hole. not easy at all and in most cases there is no handle bar to hold onto, so it is just balancing yourself with keeping pants up and hoping the splash is not too bad, so you try to squat really really low

  4. Just like the bathroom at a disco in Florence that I went to. And yes there was some splashing. I cringe just thinking about it. LOL! Love, Your Favorite Sister