Friday, May 25, 2012

May 25, 2012 - Road Trip Prep

Tomorrow morning we head out on a road trip to Normandy France.  I want to see the American Cemetary and Memorial.  Plus it might be nice to go somewhere in France where they actually "like" Americans.  Ok maybe I'm over generalizing but you know what I mean.

I just checked the directions, this is going to be a long drive, almost 10 hours but I have all the necessary provisions. 
Coke Zero check
Coke Lite check
Chips two different kinds... check
Sandwiches check
Butterscotch Candies and Halls Cherry Cough drops... Check

Ok those last two items don't seem like they would be good road trip items but they are a definate necessity.  When you're driving and starting to feel like you might fall asleep... nothing will wake you up faster than a Halls Coughdrop.  Well maybe one of those sour apple candies whose name I can't think of but I've never seen here anyway.  I used to eat those, well like candy, on my drive home from work to stay awake.  At least until I got to the traffic light that was the 1/2 mark home and then I would pray it was red so I could take a quick nap.  I know, it sounds really bad, but after 10 years of the same commute it seemed... normal.  Plus that was pre-sleeping medication and I had no concept that my state of affairs was anything other than normal.  Live and learn.

Anyway... road trip.  Looking forward to it, kind of excited, and the beastly boy stays in the apartment brushing up on his spanish with Carlos.  A good deal for everyone.

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  1. Have fun and kiss the beastly boy's snout and rub his belly for me. -Love, Your Favorite Sister.

  2. Have a safe and fun trip! Hi to both of you!

  3. Almost got there but...alas. Enjoy it and share the pics!