Friday, May 18, 2012

May 18, 2012 – Bullets... Less the Actual "bullet"

I’m feeling pretty good this week despite:

            Not working out enough

            Eating Girl Scout Cookies

            Losing Track of my days

            Having bad thoughts

Hmmm… maybe it’s been a good week “because” of the girl scout cookies.

Have I ever mentioned that I was a “brownie” when I was little? For those of you unfamiliar with brownies, they are the gateway drug to girl scouts.  Oh, did I overstate my participation in the brownies?  I was a brownie for an entire day.  I paid a dollar to stick leaves on a coffee can.  At the end of the day I told the brownie leader “This is boring, give me my dollar back.”  Hey sis how old was I?

Oh and if you think that is funny, when I made it to the ninth grade, guess who my homeroom teacher was… yes, the brownie troop lady.  She remembered me.

We’re making plans for a weekend trip to Normandy France.  I want to go to the American Cemetery and Memorial.  The plan is to drive, it’s a long drive but I think it will be scenic.

Ani DiFranco – I like her music but today it’s bugging me:  Switching to the Cowboy Junkies.

I’ve been taking a break from reading.  When the urge hits me I can read nonstop.  Lately it feels like when I read I am in reverse but I picked up a collection of short stories which seems to match my attention span.

Happy Friday

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  1. We were in 2nd grade -- 7 going on 8 --when you decided Brownies weren't for you. I stuck it out until February of that year. I love telling that story about your day at Brownies. Have a great time on Normandy. Love, Your Favorite Sister.