Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May 16, 2012 – A Deer in The Headlights

So today Meri cancelled our scheduled run, for which I was extremely grateful.  It’s raining and wicked cold and that saps any desire to go outside and do anything.  At this point I’ve almost turned the week over in my mind as being a waste of exercise space, which is a different matter.

So where was I?  Meri cancels and I praise all the deities out there that I can stay inside and then I decide damn it all I still want brownies.  I walk downstairs ring Meri’s bill to ask if I can borrow a egg.  The live in nanny answers the door.  Have I mentioned Meri’s household is Tri-lingual?  English, Spanish, Swiss German, German… make that quadra-lingual.  That is except for the Nanny who speaks Spanish.  Hell she may speak German as well but that is of no use to me.  So there she is door open saying “Meri No Home” and I’m trying to remember how to say “Egg” in Spanish.  Once again the lobotomy kicked in, it even crossed my mind to try hand signals or pantomime?  How the hell do you pantomime an egg for goodness sake?  I resort to talking to myself, saying – I know how to say this really I do, and the nanny is looking at me like I’ve sprouted two heads.  This all happened at 11:30 my time and now it’s almost 4:00 and HUEVOS pops into my head.  You have no idea how badly I want to run down stairs ring the bell and yell “HEUVOS…. Un Huevo” except I’m rational enough to know that the nanny will once again look at me like I’ve grown two heads.  So instead I opened a box of girlscout cookies, Samoas.  I seem to remember the cookies being larger and there being more in a box.  Damn Girlscouts.

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