Monday, May 14, 2012

May 14, 2012 – Weekend Update

We went to see The Avengers this weekend.  Now I realize I am about to commit blasphemy and my brother warned me that Samuel L. Jackson might blast me for what I am about to say but I’m willing to risk it.

Meh.. it was just ok.  Sure maybe it’s all perspective, but it’s a decent $4.00 movie or 5CHF movie, but when you take into consideration for L and I to see the movie cost us 46CHF (that’s more than $46) it was seriously just ok.  Granted the movie would have been slightly less expensive if I had paid attention and realized it was in 3D.  Then we could have brought our 3D glasses from the last time we accidently went to a movie in 3D (Harry Potter).  In case you need clarification, the 46chf was for the tickets and the stupid glasses, popcorn was extra.  For that kind of money and disappointment, Iron Man should have hand delivered us popcorn or at the very least Sherlock Holmes could have delivered M&M’s.

Maybe all the hype and rave reviews set my expectations too high, but the 1st ½ of the movie was slow.  Come on get to the action.  I also didn’t fully get to enjoy the Natasha Romanoff’s initial fight scene, because I think was speaking Russian and if we watched the movie in the US, the subtitles would have let me know what the heck the dialogue was.  Here, however the movie is dubbed in English and subtitled in German and French.  Neither of which I can read, but hey the fight part was kind of cool.

There were a couple of laugh out loud scenes and most of these involved the Hulk.  Let’s face it; he saved the movie for me.  There’s one scene in particular where he is beating the crap out of Loki that was my favorite.  I could have used a little more witty dialogue… or no dialogue and more ass kicking.

Beyond that, the weekend was quiet and nap-a-licious.  Yes I made that up, but you get the point.

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  1. I need a nap-o-licious weekend, or heck just a day