Friday, May 11, 2012

May 11, 2012 – Grey’s Anatomy

I just watched last nights’ episode of Grey’s Anatomy and I’m annoyed.  There aren’t that many shows that I like to watch, in fact I don’t even really like Grey’s Anatomy that much, but do you know why I’m addicted to the damn show?  I like Arizona Robbins and Callie.  I like their relationship.  I especially like the relationship this year because they aren’t insane, they have a strong loving relationship that looks and feels real.

When Grey’s 1st came on as a series I would sporadically watch because I was amused by Christina.  Then as the series got older I stopped watched because I couldn’t stand what felt like the perpetual whining of the characters.  Then I heard they were introducing the Arizona Robbins character so I gave it another shot.  Most of the time I was pleased, again I liked these two characters.  I was less pleased when Shonda Rhimes (the creator of the show) split them up, and really annoyed with the episode where Callie flies through the car windshield.  We had what felt like weeks of turmoil and crying.  So this year has been nice, the couple has been happy, doing doctor stuff, and in general feeling like 3 dimensional characters.  I like them, they are what gets me to watch the damn show.

Anyway there have been rumors that the finale would have a character death, me I was kind of hoping it would be Meredith Grey who would kick the bucket but considering the title of the show is “Grey’s Anatomy” I’m guessing that was wishful thinking.  Now I have no idea who dies, but they have set it up so that pretty much anyone other than Alex Karev can die.  Here’s my thing, if Shonda kills off either Callie or Arizonia I’m so done watching this show.  Oh, and if she manages to not kill either of them but one of them suffers a catastrophic head injury and ends up with permanent amnesia and that breaks them up.  I’m done watching.  Pretty much anything harmful to that relationship, I’m so done.  Maybe I should hope they do split them up, it would be one less show I have to budget time to watch.

Seriously, feel free to kill off one of the other annoying characters: Jackson, April, even Owen would be a good one to die, but leave Callie and Arizona alone.  Hell I’m not even happy Arizona gets hurt.  Stupid show

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