Thursday, May 31, 2012

May 31, 2012 – Road Trip – Normandy France – Part 3

I wanted to share just a few more things:

Mont Saint – Michel

The American Memorial and Cemetery Located in Saint-James

This is the smaller cemetery… 4410 graves.  If you ever see this in person it’s hard to fathom that this is the “smaller” one

The American Memorial and Cemetery Located in Colleville-Sur_Mer …. 9387 graves

You really don’t get a true sense of just how large this cemetery is, until you see an overhead view of the entire area.  It’s a bit overwhelming

British Commonwealth Ware Graves Located in Bayeux … 4648 graves

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May 30, 2012 – Road Trip – Normandy France Part 2

When we arrived we checked into Chateau La Cheneviere.  Chateau = Big Ass Old House, a very nice… old house.  I have to say, the place had all the things we like: quiet, clean, and very comfortable.  Plus it was conveniently located near the places we wanted to see. 

I personally had 3 objectives for this trip: I wanted see:

The American Cemetery in Colleville-Sur-Mer
            Omaha Beach
            Mont Saint-Michel

It was late afternoon when we arrived and the memorials were closed but we took the time to go to the various beaches where the British, Canadians, and Americans stormed the beaches.  I don’t think I have ever seen a beach that was so long or wide.  My 1st reaction was, these men had to be terrified, when you look at the beaches and the cliffs that they scaled you just know that these men had to know they were going to die.  At least the 1st few waves of men had to think that. 

Omaha Beach

This next view is from the beach.  The structures in the distance is a memorial listing the names of the people who died but that is also where the bunkers were and to the right is where one of the german guns was positioned.

Pointe De Hoc Ranger Memorial
Then we went a little further up to Pointe De Hoc Ranger Memorial.  This is where the 2nd Ranger Battalion had to land on the beach and scale the cliffs to take out the German guns that were guarding the area.

These are some of the scars left behind by the bombs dropped by the Allied forces.  This is when I realized that the German’s also had to be scared.

One of the gun turrets/bunkers

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May 29, 2012 – Normandy France – Road Trip Part 1

Saturday morning we hopped into the car and headed for Normandy France.  Now I knew this was going to be a long drive but I was prepared.  We figured we would try to limit our stops and try to coordinate the need for gas with necessary bathroom breaks.  Why am I telling you this?  Well despite having given in on one of our transatlantic flights and using an airplane bathroom I still have some standards.   We made a quick stop at a gas station/rest area but the line was literally out the door for the ladies room.  We knew from the GPS that there was rest area just up the road so we decided to skip it and stop at the next one.

L walked into the next one – turned around and said “There is no way that you will ever use this bathroom.”  I thought she meant it was dirty, which is a show stopper for me, but oh no, that was not the case.  This was one of those bathrooms where, it’s difficult to describe, there is no toilet.  Instead it’s kind of like a shower stall with two foot imprints where you’re supposed to place your feet.  I’m assuming to minimize splashing.  If you can see my face as I cringe even thinking about it.  I rank that form of outhouse right up there with going outside.  Which I can still claim I have not done nor do I intend on availing myself of such an adventure, but back to the foot prints.  Seriously how does that work?  No don’t tell me.  How on earth does the person using this thing NOT get soaked?  Sure I can conceptualize it if you are in a skirt, but pants?  Ok and not that I want anyone to tell me the answer to this next question but it needs to get out of my head.  What happens if you have to do something more than pee?  Really DO NOT tell me.  I admit it if my life depended on it, going outside seems safer and easier than the whole footprint thingy.

Tomorrow I’ll share pics and things

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Friday, May 25, 2012

May 25, 2012 - Road Trip Prep

Tomorrow morning we head out on a road trip to Normandy France.  I want to see the American Cemetary and Memorial.  Plus it might be nice to go somewhere in France where they actually "like" Americans.  Ok maybe I'm over generalizing but you know what I mean.

I just checked the directions, this is going to be a long drive, almost 10 hours but I have all the necessary provisions. 
Coke Zero check
Coke Lite check
Chips two different kinds... check
Sandwiches check
Butterscotch Candies and Halls Cherry Cough drops... Check

Ok those last two items don't seem like they would be good road trip items but they are a definate necessity.  When you're driving and starting to feel like you might fall asleep... nothing will wake you up faster than a Halls Coughdrop.  Well maybe one of those sour apple candies whose name I can't think of but I've never seen here anyway.  I used to eat those, well like candy, on my drive home from work to stay awake.  At least until I got to the traffic light that was the 1/2 mark home and then I would pray it was red so I could take a quick nap.  I know, it sounds really bad, but after 10 years of the same commute it seemed... normal.  Plus that was pre-sleeping medication and I had no concept that my state of affairs was anything other than normal.  Live and learn.

Anyway... road trip.  Looking forward to it, kind of excited, and the beastly boy stays in the apartment brushing up on his spanish with Carlos.  A good deal for everyone.

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

May 24, 2012 – Weird Hang ups

Since living here I’ve come to realize I have a few extra hang-ups that I wasn’t aware of prior to the move.

I’m more than a little OCD with the dishwasher.  Specifically, the placement of the silverware.  It has one of those flat drawer like things that you lay the silverware out in.  Needless to say I find myself making sure all the forks, spoons, knives etc are aligned perfectly and in an orderly fashion.  If you mix a knife in with the spoons I’ll re-arrange.  I won’t tell you where to place the things but apparently I’ll spend the time re-arranging them later.  The logic is that emptying the dishwasher is faster this way.  Oh and it is, but that doesn’t make it less strange.  I could probably stop if I tried it just doesn’t seem worth the effort.  Geez…now I sound like an alcoholic…. I don’t “need” to move the silverware

What brought this on?  I realized that I am sitting my office sweaty and in need of a shower after the gym and I’m waiting for the lady who cleans the apartment to finish up and get out because I don’t want to take a shower while she is here.  It’s not like I’ll be disturbing her, and hell there is a lock on the door and the beast will guard it.   I don’t know it makes me think of the movie Psycho.   At least there is no shower curtain.  That would be really bad.

I’m sure you were all dying to know those little bits of information.  Now that you are aware you’ll sleep better at night. 

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

May 23, 2012 - Stuff

I hate when I buy a book that I think sounds interesting only to realize “yes, it was interesting and I’ve read it before.”  I started reading a book this morning and got to the second paragraph when it all came back to me.  Oh well, I just consider it my contribution to the publishing industry.

I got a really good haircut today and I stuck with being blond.  The girl who usually cuts my hair here was out sick so the owner cut it.  She did a really good job.

I’ve also come to the conclusion that I have a particular perception of what I look like, and then something happens, like my webcam activates or I take a picture of myself because of a new haircut and I think… “That’s what I look like??”  When did that happen?

My parents also paid a lot of money to have my teeth straightened when I was a kid… aren’t they supposed to STAY straightened?  There should be some sort of lifetime guarantee because I’m noticing they are not where they are supposed to be.  This shouldn’t be a big deal for most people but I receding gum surgery when I was maybe 10 years old and then I had 9 teeth pulled when I was in 11 and braces put on to get my teeth sorted out.  I used to have nightmares that my teeth would just start randomly falling out of my head and way more teeth fell out than could possibly actually be in there.  So I’d like to keep what teeth I do have, in good condition.

To do list when we get back to the US… look into having teeth re-straightened.

Work is crazy busy which is better than not busy at all.

The beastly boy has been biting at his tail and I’ve been keeping it under control… the biting part not the tail, but I think I’m going to have to suck it up and bring him to the Vet. *sigh* He’s a nice enough man, I just like it better when I can fully communicate about what’s going on.  There are just times when pantomime doesn’t work.  Hey, I can google translate the issue.  THAT’s what I’ll do.  What on earth did we do before google?

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May 22, 2012 – Book Review – Snowbound by Cari Hunter

Snowbound by Cari Hunter

Publisher: BoldStrokes Books

ISBN13: 9781602826175E

Product Description from The Bold Strokes Website

"The policewoman got shot and she’s bleeding everywhere. Get someone here in one hour or I’m going to put her out of her misery."

An ultimatum that forever changes the lives of police officer Sam Lucas and Dr. Kate Myles.

When heavy snowfall isolates the small English village of Birchenlow, a violent robbery shatters the community. Taken as a hostage and stranded with the increasingly desperate criminals, Sam is seriously injured during an ill-fated escape attempt. Already struggling to save the lives of the villagers caught up in the raid, Kate volunteers to walk straight into the lion’s den. Cut off from help, with only each other to rely on, Sam and Kate must find a way to fight the odds and stay alive if the growing attraction between them is to survive.”

4 ½ Stars out of 5

First let me admit that I had been avoiding this book.  I’ve read the book description a couple of times and it’s never really grabbed me.  Then I hit period where the books I’ve been attempting to read just haven’t been keeping my attention so I took a break, but the online book group I am a member of selected this as the May book.  Yet, I still wasn’t thrilled.  Let me openly apologize to the author now:

Dear Cari,

Snowbound was an excellent debut book.  I downloaded the book Sunday night, couldn’t put it down and finished it Monday Morning before I had to go to work.  I’m fairly certain I can give you credit for getting me out of my reading slump.  Thank you, especially since watching TV in German is not really an option.


CAB  - a new fan

There were even times when I found myself laughing out loud at some of the dialog between Sam and Kate.  Apparently fighting to stay alive can result in some witty repartee between characters.  Well, that or I just find certain strange situations amusing.  Regardless I really enjoyed the book and I’m hoping to see what comes next for this author.

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

May 19, 2012 - Saturday Morning Fun

Watch this on full screen if you can

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Friday, May 18, 2012

May 18, 2012 – Bullets... Less the Actual "bullet"

I’m feeling pretty good this week despite:

            Not working out enough

            Eating Girl Scout Cookies

            Losing Track of my days

            Having bad thoughts

Hmmm… maybe it’s been a good week “because” of the girl scout cookies.

Have I ever mentioned that I was a “brownie” when I was little? For those of you unfamiliar with brownies, they are the gateway drug to girl scouts.  Oh, did I overstate my participation in the brownies?  I was a brownie for an entire day.  I paid a dollar to stick leaves on a coffee can.  At the end of the day I told the brownie leader “This is boring, give me my dollar back.”  Hey sis how old was I?

Oh and if you think that is funny, when I made it to the ninth grade, guess who my homeroom teacher was… yes, the brownie troop lady.  She remembered me.

We’re making plans for a weekend trip to Normandy France.  I want to go to the American Cemetery and Memorial.  The plan is to drive, it’s a long drive but I think it will be scenic.

Ani DiFranco – I like her music but today it’s bugging me:  Switching to the Cowboy Junkies.

I’ve been taking a break from reading.  When the urge hits me I can read nonstop.  Lately it feels like when I read I am in reverse but I picked up a collection of short stories which seems to match my attention span.

Happy Friday

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May 16, 2012 – A Deer in The Headlights

So today Meri cancelled our scheduled run, for which I was extremely grateful.  It’s raining and wicked cold and that saps any desire to go outside and do anything.  At this point I’ve almost turned the week over in my mind as being a waste of exercise space, which is a different matter.

So where was I?  Meri cancels and I praise all the deities out there that I can stay inside and then I decide damn it all I still want brownies.  I walk downstairs ring Meri’s bill to ask if I can borrow a egg.  The live in nanny answers the door.  Have I mentioned Meri’s household is Tri-lingual?  English, Spanish, Swiss German, German… make that quadra-lingual.  That is except for the Nanny who speaks Spanish.  Hell she may speak German as well but that is of no use to me.  So there she is door open saying “Meri No Home” and I’m trying to remember how to say “Egg” in Spanish.  Once again the lobotomy kicked in, it even crossed my mind to try hand signals or pantomime?  How the hell do you pantomime an egg for goodness sake?  I resort to talking to myself, saying – I know how to say this really I do, and the nanny is looking at me like I’ve sprouted two heads.  This all happened at 11:30 my time and now it’s almost 4:00 and HUEVOS pops into my head.  You have no idea how badly I want to run down stairs ring the bell and yell “HEUVOS…. Un Huevo” except I’m rational enough to know that the nanny will once again look at me like I’ve grown two heads.  So instead I opened a box of girlscout cookies, Samoas.  I seem to remember the cookies being larger and there being more in a box.  Damn Girlscouts.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

May 15, 2012 – Healthy Living… Not So Much

I’ve been doing pretty well with the whole watching what I eat and exercising thing that is until today.  Oh sure I went to the gym, worked out a little bit but I’m tired.  My legs are tired and frankly I want brownies.  I want brownies so much that I contemplated making them.  Then I realized that as part of my healthy eating kick, I hard boiled all of our eggs.  Even I know you can’t make brownies with a hardboiled egg.  It would just be bad.  There has also been the fleeting thought to go borrow an egg from Meri downstairs, but she ran home from the gym today and therefore knows I did not.  Plus I think she would talk me out of borrowing an egg.  In fact, she talked me out of borrowing the egg before I even made the effort to ask for the egg.  I would thank her but that just seems strange, and how do I explain that Meri has become the little voice in my head saying “back away from the brownie”?

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Monday, May 14, 2012

May 14, 2012 – Weekend Update

We went to see The Avengers this weekend.  Now I realize I am about to commit blasphemy and my brother warned me that Samuel L. Jackson might blast me for what I am about to say but I’m willing to risk it.

Meh.. it was just ok.  Sure maybe it’s all perspective, but it’s a decent $4.00 movie or 5CHF movie, but when you take into consideration for L and I to see the movie cost us 46CHF (that’s more than $46) it was seriously just ok.  Granted the movie would have been slightly less expensive if I had paid attention and realized it was in 3D.  Then we could have brought our 3D glasses from the last time we accidently went to a movie in 3D (Harry Potter).  In case you need clarification, the 46chf was for the tickets and the stupid glasses, popcorn was extra.  For that kind of money and disappointment, Iron Man should have hand delivered us popcorn or at the very least Sherlock Holmes could have delivered M&M’s.

Maybe all the hype and rave reviews set my expectations too high, but the 1st ½ of the movie was slow.  Come on get to the action.  I also didn’t fully get to enjoy the Natasha Romanoff’s initial fight scene, because I think was speaking Russian and if we watched the movie in the US, the subtitles would have let me know what the heck the dialogue was.  Here, however the movie is dubbed in English and subtitled in German and French.  Neither of which I can read, but hey the fight part was kind of cool.

There were a couple of laugh out loud scenes and most of these involved the Hulk.  Let’s face it; he saved the movie for me.  There’s one scene in particular where he is beating the crap out of Loki that was my favorite.  I could have used a little more witty dialogue… or no dialogue and more ass kicking.

Beyond that, the weekend was quiet and nap-a-licious.  Yes I made that up, but you get the point.

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Friday, May 11, 2012

May 11, 2012 – Grey’s Anatomy

I just watched last nights’ episode of Grey’s Anatomy and I’m annoyed.  There aren’t that many shows that I like to watch, in fact I don’t even really like Grey’s Anatomy that much, but do you know why I’m addicted to the damn show?  I like Arizona Robbins and Callie.  I like their relationship.  I especially like the relationship this year because they aren’t insane, they have a strong loving relationship that looks and feels real.

When Grey’s 1st came on as a series I would sporadically watch because I was amused by Christina.  Then as the series got older I stopped watched because I couldn’t stand what felt like the perpetual whining of the characters.  Then I heard they were introducing the Arizona Robbins character so I gave it another shot.  Most of the time I was pleased, again I liked these two characters.  I was less pleased when Shonda Rhimes (the creator of the show) split them up, and really annoyed with the episode where Callie flies through the car windshield.  We had what felt like weeks of turmoil and crying.  So this year has been nice, the couple has been happy, doing doctor stuff, and in general feeling like 3 dimensional characters.  I like them, they are what gets me to watch the damn show.

Anyway there have been rumors that the finale would have a character death, me I was kind of hoping it would be Meredith Grey who would kick the bucket but considering the title of the show is “Grey’s Anatomy” I’m guessing that was wishful thinking.  Now I have no idea who dies, but they have set it up so that pretty much anyone other than Alex Karev can die.  Here’s my thing, if Shonda kills off either Callie or Arizonia I’m so done watching this show.  Oh, and if she manages to not kill either of them but one of them suffers a catastrophic head injury and ends up with permanent amnesia and that breaks them up.  I’m done watching.  Pretty much anything harmful to that relationship, I’m so done.  Maybe I should hope they do split them up, it would be one less show I have to budget time to watch.

Seriously, feel free to kill off one of the other annoying characters: Jackson, April, even Owen would be a good one to die, but leave Callie and Arizona alone.  Hell I’m not even happy Arizona gets hurt.  Stupid show

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

May 10, 2012 – No Title Necessary

Mostly because I can’t think of anything appropriate for a title.  First off I thought today was the 11th and not the 10th but at least I didn’t think it was Friday.  It’s bad enough losing a day but it’s dramatically worse when you figure out that tomorrow is NOT Saturday.

I’m still trying to be good with my eating and working out.  Haven’t gotten anywhere near 1000 calories burned while working out, hell I haven’t even hit 600, but it’s still keeping me motivated.  What is not keeping me motivated, L’s secretary sent chocolate truffles home to us.  Do you have any idea how difficult it is to resist chocolate truffles?  It’s not easy.  I’m trying to avoid them, or only have ONE.  Avoidance is a better option, at least till I get more calories burned under my belt.

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May 8, 2012 – Barbie

I’m not really a “Barbie” kind of girl.  When I was growing up I preferred my Best of The West Action Figures or my brothers Cowboys and Indians set.  So when it comes to Barbie I’m pretty comfortable saying that I never think about her.  That is until this weekend, when I walked by a store front and they are using Barbie as part of their window display.

Now if you are a Barbie fan these next two images might be a little disturbing.  It seems that the Eye Glass store is expanding into the BDSM business.  Well that or Barbie and her friends, who like strikingly similar to Barbie, got caught shop lifting and the store owner is using them to set an example:

Shop lift from me and you will be impaled on spikes and twisted in unnatural/anatomically incorrect positions.

Then again maybe this scene is just a depiction of what happened when Barbie went on Safari.  She and Barbie 2 where walking through the jungle and accidently fell into a pit that was filled with spikes because the villagers where trying to capture/kill a rogue lion.

Then there is this scene:

Seriously what the heck is the deal with naked Barbie?  If you don’t buy glasses then damn it you don’t get clothes either.  Oh wait, or maybe this is a play on the story of the Emperor’s New Clothes.  Buy glasses here and you’ll think you are wearing clothes?  Wait, that’s not a good marketing strategy.  There are way too many people out there who I don’t ever want to see without clothes.  Actually, I’m pretty sure that’s everyone.  Some can wear less clothes than others but please cover the bits and pieces.

Of course it’s possible that there is some higher meaning to Barbie and the spikes.  Maybe the store owner is trying to call attention to Barbie’s unrealistic body size/shape.  Hell if your foot wasn’t permanently in the shape of a high heel you foot couldn’t have gotten caught in the spikes.

Then again maybe if Barbie had parents she’d know that heels are not the best footwear for all occasions.  Yes I said it, Barbie is an orphan.  You hear about Barbie’s friends, her playhouse (which sounds a little play boy bunny-ish to me) her cars, Ken, etc but you never ever hear about her parents.

There is a lesson in all of this:
  • Don’t bring your Barbie to buy glasses from crazy window display guys.
  • Make sure Barbie packs a pair change of clothes in case of emergency.  Again, if she had a mom she would know to never leave home without clean underwear.  You know in case of an accident.  Hell back bend Barbie left home NAKED.
  • Finally never go barefoot on Safari, you never know when you might fall into a pit of spikes.

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Monday, May 7, 2012

May 7, 2012 – Lazy Weekend

I believe I have hit all new highs for lazy.  I couldn’t even read this weekend.  Well that’s not quite true.  I read bits here and there.  I am technically reading two books, but neither really holds my attention right now so I read a few pages, play angry birds, read a few pages of the other book, rent a couple of movies.  I think one of them was Haywire with Gina Carano.  Yes I watched this movie for the fine acting and the plot.  Of course not!  That’s like saying you watch the old Steven Seagal movies for the acting.  I watched the movie because Gina Carano is/was an MMA fighter and I wanted to watch a female action hero kick butt, nothing wrong with that.

I also rented the 1963 version of “The Haunting.”  I’ve seen the movie a couple of times before but I still enjoy it.  Eleanor “Nell” Lance is really a whack-a-do and someone please tell me why would “Theo” have even a tiny crush on her?  There is definitely, some interesting subtext going on.   Although I just found the book available on kindle… I’m going to have to read it

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Friday, May 4, 2012

May 4, 2012 – P!nk

I like Pink’s music I really do.  I’ve been listening to a number of her songs while I work out and that’s made the process more enjoyable.  But, (yes I know that is not grammatically correct) and this is a huge deal, I don’t enjoy Pink when I am trying to sleep and her damn Funhouse song keeps rolling through my head.  I’m just about to fall asleep and the next thing I know I’m humming the damn song.  Ok it’s not a hummable song.  I can’t even tell you the lyrics… I can hear them in my head but they are trapped there.  So how do I get this damn song out of my head?  Oh I’ve taken drastic measures; right now my iPod is playing Patsy Cline “Have You Ever Been Lonley.”  If that doesn’t do it then maybe the next song on the queue will: Sinead O’Connor “Black Boys on Mopeds.”  Is it any wonder I have a headache?  Alright I can’t blame the headache on the Pink or any other music, I’m fairly certain it’s going to rain tomorrow and I’m blaming weather.

As for my exercise progress, I’m extremely pleased with myself but I am also taking today off as a day of “rest” tomorrow we (and my multiple personalities) will start again.  Oh and for those of you familiar with my alter ego Madame Viper, she’s into looking good but not working out so much, I’m pretty sure it’s the “stop the insanity” woman who follows us around as we run.

Happy Friday

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

May 3, 2012 – Thursday

Alright I’m going to be completely honest here, it’s Thursday (obviously) I have a ton of work to get done and I can’t afford to pull my hair out because bald is not a good look for me.  So instead I’m leaving you with this:

Apparently it’s a famous landmark in the Z├╝rich Hauptbanhof.  I’ve been in this train station quite a few times and only noticed it when we went to Lucerne.  Once again confirming for everyone just how unobservant I can be.  Oh and there are plenty of stories to support my lack of observational skills.  Seriously.. how did I miss something so.... big
Happy Thursday!

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May 2, 2012 – 1 Hour 35 Minutes

That’s how long I managed to work out today, and hour and 35 minutes:  An hour where I jogged/walked around town and then 35 minutes on the bike which I have temporarily made stationary.  Sure I could have gone longer on the bike, but like everything thing else on this venture my butt needs to work up its’ stamina.  Oh and not even close to the 1000 calorie mark.  Do you have any idea what will happen when I finally hit that 1000 calorie goal?  I’m guessing I buy myself a cupcake totally blowing the entire point of the burn.  LOL  I also know that there are people out there that LOVE this stuff.  I'm not there yet but I think if I keep trying I might like it, or not.

You should have seen the beastly boy when I put the bike on the balcony and set up my trainer doohickey.  I think he thought it was some sort of game that he could get in on, because he kept doing that crazy dog thing where they lower their head and push their butt in the air wagging their tail and the little bubble appears over the head that says “Play with me, come one play with me… I want to play” and then when you ignore them for 30 seconds they bark.  Yes that was the beast this morning as I tried to keep his face and tail away from the spinning wheel.  I love the beastly boy but I’m not entirely sure he’s the sharpest knife in the drawer or that he recognizes the danger of wagging his tail too close to the spinning spokes of a tire.

Did I mention that when we returned to Switzerland after the last trip home I brought with me my “Guided Meditations for calmness, awareness, and love” CD? Obviously I have never listened to this thing considering how calm I always am, but I’m thinking maybe I can use it as a type of self-hypnosis to get me to be more dedicated with my working out, alone thing.  In the meantime I have been bringing P!nk with me on my runs, but I discovered today that running to the following songs can be quite entertaining:
·         Goody Two Shoes – Adam Ant (I blame him for my leather pants fetish)

·         The Logical Song – Supertramp

·         Straight On – Heart

·         Get Back – The Beatles

·         Freak of Nature - Anastacia

·         Respect – Aretha Franklin

·         Alcohol – Barenaked Ladies (when I first heard this band I couldn’t remember their name and kept calling them “Totally Naked Women”)

·         Sin Wagon – The Dixie Chicks

·         One Week – Barenaked Ladies

·         Free Your Mind – En Vogue

·         Imaginary - Evanescence

·         Barracuda – Heart

·         Next contestant - Nickelback

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May 1, 2012 – Rabbit and Workouts

Isn’t that what you are supposed to say at the beginning of a month for good luck?  We all know saying “Snail” sure as heck isn’t going to help.

So what’s new and exciting?  I’ve becoming a wee bit obsessed with the distress I feel over my current state of body image.  How’s that for a roundabout way of saying “I’m fat” and don’t like it.  So many of you know that I have a polar heart rate monitor, which I love, and it allows me to track my exercise progress, calories burned, and distance traveled.  I say distance traveled because it lets me know how far I run and it should also let me know the distance I bike if I ever get my bike on the road.  The other nice thing is that polar has “polar communities” where people create challenges and you can join in and compete against other people.  I’m finding that it helps to have a goal and to be competing against other people.  It’s almost as good as having someone to work out with.  So right now I’ve joined two challenges, one I was invited to: A 31 day challenge to see how many calories you can burn, but not more than 1000 in a day.  I’m kind of into this challenge, but I can’t imagine how much I would have to work out in a day to burn 1000 calories but I want to.  I googled it, and hey if I run 10mph I can burn 1000 calories in an hour.  Hello if I could RUN 10mph I wouldn’t need to burn 1000 calories a day.  Sure I could run 10mph for a few minutes, maybe even 5 if some crazy person welding a butcher knife was chasing me.  Then I’d have all sorts of incentive to run until my heart explodes.  Hmmm, maybe we could make that a new aerobics/weight loss trend: “Need a personal trainer to keep you motivated?  For $50 and hour we’ll chase you with a wickedly sharp butcher knife and cut you if you don’t run fast enough or long enough.”  Actually, now that I’ve said that out loud it sounds more like a typically mugging in any of the major cities at home.  Obviously this marketing plan won’t work.

So where was I?  Oh yeah, how the heck do I burn 1000 calories in a day?  It looks like I need to jog at my humanly slow pace for 120 mins and or bike for a similar amount of time.  First off we all know I hate to run and the thought of running 120 mins mentally makes me want to crawl back into bed.  So maybe if I can actually manage to run for an hour and bike for an hour I can work this out.  That’s my goal.  Plus it feeds nicely into my goal of actually riding my damn bicycle in Switzerland.  I will defeat the scary hill.  Seriously, worst case I walk up and down the hill right?  Right!


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