Monday, April 23, 2012

April 25, 2012 – Weekend Update

Last week L’s secretary gave us a bar of chocolate painted with “real” gold:  edible of course.  It seems this is the new trend.  I’m just a simple girl at heart.  When I want fancy chocolate I buy something with hazelnuts in it.  By the way, I couldn’t taste a difference between the pieces with gold and without.  Which when it comes right down to it, is probably a very good thing.

Remember the guy across the street who had the crazy painted Lamborghini? Well it appears he downgraded his automobile to this:

As a general rule of thumb I am a candy apple red kind of girl, or happy face yellow.  There are some cars that should just be happy face yellow.  However, I have to admit, if I was presented with the opportunity to own a metallic purple mini cooper I would seriously consider it.

The Zurich Marathon was this past Sunday.  I was going to wander down to the Seestrasse in town to watch a little of it but I got halfway there and it started to rain.  Since I have a fear of melting I immediately gave up on my quest to watch the runners go by.  Mostly I wanted to know is anyone was watching them run by.  I would have been a spectator of the spectators.  Instead I hung out at home watching the weird weather.  It would pour for awhile, then the sun would come out bright as can be for 5 mins, and then it would pour again.  I’m a little tired of the rain and the cold.

That about covers it, nothing exciting here people.  

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