Tuesday, April 24, 2012

April 24, 2012 – Yeah Me

I managed to get my lazy butt off the couch today and go running outside by myself, as in alone, without a partner.  Hey this is a major accomplishment, especially since I am reading “Night Hunt by L.L. Raand aka Radclyffe.  Do you have any idea how difficult it was to put that book down?  Well it was and heck I deserve a pat on the back just for that let alone attempting to jog.  Oh which reminds me, while I was jogging I had two separate incidents where men flirted with me.  At least that is what I am calling it.  Let me provide a little background:

I have a Polar Heart Rate monitor, which brings me endless amounts of joy and amusement.  Unfortunately there is a feature that I failed to disable today.  It beeps at me when my heart rate is not in the “zone” it wants.  Which in my case typically means that my heart rate is faster than it wants.  Needless to say this incessant beeping is coming off my wrist and I’ve actually slowed to a walk while I (a) try to find the damn option to make it stop or (b) my heart rate slows enough to make it stop.  So there I am struggling with the annoying beeping and this guy walks by and I’m pretty sure he asked me is I was carrying a bomb because whatever he said sounded a lot like “Bombatastic.”   Of course I responded in my best mime… pointed to my watch and then to my heart and said “It thinks my heart is going to explode.”  I actually think he understood what I said because he laughed and said OK.  What?  Don’t all guys flirt by asking if a girl if she is going to about bombs?  Of course having said all of this I’m wondering how many hits my post will get from anti-terrorism agencies.  If you are reading this seriously I’m talking about my Polar RS800 and the annoying beeping. 

So then the second guy I saw while I was walking up the long steep hill and frankly I have no idea what he said to me, but he had that sympathetic look on his face that made me interpret his words as “This his sucks doesn’t it” so I said “ja”

So today before I even start work it’s a win.  I went running and believe I provided some amusement to a couple of strangers.

Happy Birthday Mom

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  1. Pats her on the back,

    and Happy Birthday CAB's MOM

  2. Great job, Sis. I don't think a post on your Blog is going to cut it. You need to leave mom a voicemail of you singing Happy Birthday. Love, Your Favorite Sister.

    1. Hi Sis.. of course I already DID that. Not singing Happy Birthday would almost be as bad as not making a birthday cake and we all know what happens then