Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April 17, 2012 – Pants and Bunnies or Bunnies and Pants

Look at that a couple of days of working out and my pants don’t quite feel so tight.  The logical conclusion is I’ve lost an ounce or two, or the more likely scenario that my pants have stretched out a bit.  *rolling eyes*

I’m also happy to report that my willpower is still intact.  I went to the grocery story and although they have removed the majority of the chocolate display there is still a small display of ½ off chocolate bunnies.  There was the little voice in my head telling me that that a chocolate bunny just might be dying (literally) to come home with me and that I could house him in the fridge until a more appropriate time.  Today is not a good day to die.  Then the other little voice in my head started laughing so loudly that I was pretty sure some of the other customers might hear.  That little voice pointed out the absurdity of me even attempting to store the bunny in the fridge.  I think it was taking bets whether the bunny would even make it home.  Needless to say I opted for the road of self-denial.  It just seemed easier.

Happy Tuesday People

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