Monday, April 16, 2012

April 16, 2012 – April Showers Bring

Snails!  Chocolate bunny season is definitely over and snail season has begun.  Yes this is old news and I am happy to report that although I have seen the aftermath of several destroyed snail homes (it’s not pretty) I have not been the cause, yet.  Of course seeing the snails make come out of, what is it?  Hibernation? It’s caused me to wonder.  How do snails procreate?  If they have little snail families they can’t all live in the house with Mom or Dad.  Are snails born with teeny tiny homes on their backs?  I’ve seen really tiny snails, they are almost translucent.  Which leads me to wonder if I haven’t killed a snail already and that I am just unaware because a snail that small can’t possibly make the crushing noise the slightly larger ones do.  Oh God I am grossing myself out.

New Topic: I’m happy to report that I went to the gym both Saturday and Sunday.  No I didn’t just go and visit I actually worked out and feel pretty darned good about it.  Oh and I have a goal.  Meri told me that right across the lake is the Lindt Chocolate Factory and they give tours.  What?  You were thinking I was going to say my goal was to lose weight?  What kind of goal is that?  Of course I want to lose some weight but seriously I need a goal that is fun.  So I stay away from chocolate for a couple weeks, work out consistently and then…. GO TO THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY.  Meri asked why I don’t go sooner.  Hello, if I go to the chocolate factory I am going to eat chocolate.  She pointed out that I could just buy chocolate. Really?  Who does that?  Buys chocolate and then what?  Puts it in storage?  You but chocolate to EAT chocolate and I refuse to eat chocolate until my damn pants fit better or in 2 weeks, whichever comes first.

The Burning Of The Boog: That’s today.  When the people of Zurich torch the stay puff man in honor of spring.  L and I are skipping this years’ celebration.  We went he 1st year and it was fun but also a wee bit scary when the boog was done burning.  Then it was wall to wall people and your only option was to move along with the crowd.  Actually it wasn’t so much an option as the wall of people forced you in a particular direction.  That alone was enough to reconfirm for me I really don’t enjoy crowds.  It also validated the concept that I am only a hairs breath away from a panic attack in that kind of a crowd.

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  1. i remember that post and pictures. Scary that they torch like that