Monday, April 30, 2012

April 30, 2012 – Lucerne Switzerland

On Saturday L and I took a quick trip to Luzern to wander round the city and old town.  I love the public transportation here. It was an easy train ride from Zurich to Luzern.  Why we keep building roads in the US instead of improving the rail system is beyond me.

Some of the things we saw:

“The dying Lion of Lucerne” a memorial honoring the Swiss Guard who were massacred at Tuileries in 1792 during the French Revolution.  If you are wondering where I got that pearl of wisdom; The Lucerne City Guide Tour Book.

We also wandered around the Hof Church and I spotted this interesting grave stone which made me think of Tallulah who seems partial to old and unusual headstones.

We also spotted a few buildings with oddly painted facades

A scary family (The people infront of the window... not the ones inside... although they mght be scary too)

A cool hotel sign

And no trip would be complete without a wondering gnome

The view

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Friday, April 27, 2012

April 27, 2012 – Night Terrors…. Again….

I’m happy to report that I made it through last night without waking the dead.  The night before wasn’t quite so successful.  I swear L is a saint because when these episodes happen I have to be shaving a year or 12 off her life.  Now I can laugh at these things and I do laugh at them because, they *are* funny.  Scary but funny.

I also realize that no matter how many times I describe it, the whole process will never make any sense to someone who has never had a night terror, but it’s so realistic that sometimes I can’t separate what really happened from what I “think” happened.  Wednesday night definitely falls into that category because there are aspects of what I think was going on that I only know didn’t happened because after the fact L told me they weren’t real. 

Here’s how I experienced Wednesday night:

L and I are sitting in bed having a calm rational conversation, about what I don’t recall and couldn’t recall immediately afterward.  The room was brightly lit.  I could see everything clearly.  So there we are chatting and the next thing I know is “something” has come out of or off the ceiling and landed to my left and all I know is whatever “it” is I’m freaked and desperate to get away.  Needless to say I am screaming and running.  Then I suddenly realize L is holding me in place.  She has a grip on my arms keeping me on the foot of the bed.  My feet don’t quite reach the ground but I can’t stop myself from continuing to try and run, so I’m doing that crazy cartoon thing where the cartoons feet/legs are flailing but they aren’t going anywhere and I’m not sure if I am so much yelling or begging to be let go, but I know I am saying “Let me go”.

From what L has told me Wednesday night actually happened something like this:

We’re both asleep and then I am SCREAMING and making a bolt for it.  L grabs me from behind and has her arms wrapped around me; keeping me in place because lord know where the heck I am running to, while simultaneously trying to stop me from screaming because the windows are open and she’s pretty sure the neighbors are going to call the police because I am screaming that loudly and that much.  (How's that for a run on sentance)

I haven’t a clue how long this event lasted but it was one of the worst ones I have had since L has known me. I suspect the only one that might qualify as worse is the time she found me screaming and hiding behind the closet door of our bedroom in CT.

So what’s amusing about this?  The fact that my perception is so far off from reality, well that and the overwhelming urge I have to apologize to our downstairs neighbors but they don’t understand English, my German sucks, and we’re not really friends.  Then it’s the grateful though that I have that the old ornery couple on the second floor is not directly below us, because they really would have called the police.

Ok fine I'll admit that maybe the only people who find these events funny are me and my sister, but you really just have to laugh.  That and L really is awesome for all sorts of reasons, but also for putting up with heart stopping, un-fun, antics.  It’s no wonder that woman needs a nap

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

April 26, 2012 - A Beautiful Morning

When we got up this morning the sky was clear, the sun was shining, the temps have finally hit the low 60's and there is no rain in the immediate forecast.

This is what it looked like off the balcony today.  I really can't imagine taking this view forgranted

I took this one from the bus stop when I took the beast out this morning for his walk.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

April 25, 2012 – Book Review – Night Hunt (Midnight Hunters Series) by L.L. Raand

Midnight Hunt (Midnight Hunters Series) by Radclyffe writing as L.L. Raand
Publisher:  Bold Strokes Books

Product Description

“Niki Kroff has one mission in life--to lead Sylvan Mir's elite guard and protect the wolf Alpha's life. When Lara, another of the centuri, becomes a Vampire in the course of saving Sylvan's life, Niki is assigned to protect her during her transition. Removed from Sylvan's guard, Niki struggles to find her place in the Pack and control her desire for a forbidden Were whose call grows stronger every day.

Sylvan, driven by primal instincts to protect her pregnant mate, grows more powerful, and more deadly, than any Alpha Were in centuries. While Sylvan rallies her allies, Vampire and human, to fight extremists, radical groups, and members of their own Praetern coalition in a war to preserve the autonomy of all Praetern species, Niki fights a private battle with her own dark urges—a battle which, if lost, will cost her everything.”

4 ½  Stars out of 5

This is the third book in the Midnight Hunters series and the action picks up right where the last one finished off.  In fact, when I started reading Night Hunt it took me a moment to remember where the last story ended but I was quickly back up to speed and fully absorbed in the story.  I don’t want to give away any spoilers but the relationship between Sylvan, the Alpha Were, and her mate Drake continue to be the central characters in the story.  However, Radclyffe/Raand continues to work her magic in both how she develops the ongoing plot and the supporting characters.  At this point there are interesting hints of what might come for some of the supporting characters which I find incredibly intriguing and makes me wish Radclyffe would ignore everything else and write faster.  Then again I wish that from all the authors I enjoy. 

At this point I’m taking a guess that we will definitely be seeing more from Lara the Were/Vampire and her abilities.  I’m also intrigued by what may take place with Katya and Michel and I am really enjoying the tentative alliance between Sylvan’s Werewolves and Jodi’s Vampires.  I can’t wait to see what the outcome of the upcoming confrontation will bring next.

If you like well written paranormal/romance this series is excellent
  • The Midnight Hunt #1
  • Blood Hunt #2
  • Night Hunt #3

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

April 24, 2012 – Yeah Me

I managed to get my lazy butt off the couch today and go running outside by myself, as in alone, without a partner.  Hey this is a major accomplishment, especially since I am reading “Night Hunt by L.L. Raand aka Radclyffe.  Do you have any idea how difficult it was to put that book down?  Well it was and heck I deserve a pat on the back just for that let alone attempting to jog.  Oh which reminds me, while I was jogging I had two separate incidents where men flirted with me.  At least that is what I am calling it.  Let me provide a little background:

I have a Polar Heart Rate monitor, which brings me endless amounts of joy and amusement.  Unfortunately there is a feature that I failed to disable today.  It beeps at me when my heart rate is not in the “zone” it wants.  Which in my case typically means that my heart rate is faster than it wants.  Needless to say this incessant beeping is coming off my wrist and I’ve actually slowed to a walk while I (a) try to find the damn option to make it stop or (b) my heart rate slows enough to make it stop.  So there I am struggling with the annoying beeping and this guy walks by and I’m pretty sure he asked me is I was carrying a bomb because whatever he said sounded a lot like “Bombatastic.”   Of course I responded in my best mime… pointed to my watch and then to my heart and said “It thinks my heart is going to explode.”  I actually think he understood what I said because he laughed and said OK.  What?  Don’t all guys flirt by asking if a girl if she is going to about bombs?  Of course having said all of this I’m wondering how many hits my post will get from anti-terrorism agencies.  If you are reading this seriously I’m talking about my Polar RS800 and the annoying beeping. 

So then the second guy I saw while I was walking up the long steep hill and frankly I have no idea what he said to me, but he had that sympathetic look on his face that made me interpret his words as “This his sucks doesn’t it” so I said “ja”

So today before I even start work it’s a win.  I went running and believe I provided some amusement to a couple of strangers.

Happy Birthday Mom

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Monday, April 23, 2012

April 25, 2012 – Weekend Update

Last week L’s secretary gave us a bar of chocolate painted with “real” gold:  edible of course.  It seems this is the new trend.  I’m just a simple girl at heart.  When I want fancy chocolate I buy something with hazelnuts in it.  By the way, I couldn’t taste a difference between the pieces with gold and without.  Which when it comes right down to it, is probably a very good thing.

Remember the guy across the street who had the crazy painted Lamborghini? Well it appears he downgraded his automobile to this:

As a general rule of thumb I am a candy apple red kind of girl, or happy face yellow.  There are some cars that should just be happy face yellow.  However, I have to admit, if I was presented with the opportunity to own a metallic purple mini cooper I would seriously consider it.

The Zurich Marathon was this past Sunday.  I was going to wander down to the Seestrasse in town to watch a little of it but I got halfway there and it started to rain.  Since I have a fear of melting I immediately gave up on my quest to watch the runners go by.  Mostly I wanted to know is anyone was watching them run by.  I would have been a spectator of the spectators.  Instead I hung out at home watching the weird weather.  It would pour for awhile, then the sun would come out bright as can be for 5 mins, and then it would pour again.  I’m a little tired of the rain and the cold.

That about covers it, nothing exciting here people.  

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Friday, April 20, 2012

April 20, 2012 – Comfort Food

I’m trying to be good, but today I am craving comfort food.  I’m blaming PMS.  In fact I am going to blame PMS for many things the next few days.  It’s good to plan ahead.  I’m 47, when does menopause kick in?  I have this rule that I want my body to obey.  If you aren’t partaking in activities that can result in pregnancies you shouldn’t have to go through PMS and all that follows.  In fact, if any of my eggs are still good I am sure there is some woman out in the world who would love to have them.  I should be able to just push a button that clearly indicates that I am done and feel free to pass them on to some other lovely individual.  Why hasn’t Apple created an App for that?  They have an App for almost everything else. 

Sorry I’ve gotten off track:  Comfort Food… usually I want chocolate chip cookies, but at this moment I’m thinking grilled cheese sandwiches and Campbell’s Tomato Soup with fish crackers.  I have no idea why.  Maybe because I’m cold.

Oh on another note… I held baby Elena downstairs.  Well I didn’t hold her downstairs I held her while I was downstairs and talking to her mom.  She is quite cute and warm.  See it all comes back to being cold. 

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

April 19, 2012 – WTH Is Wrong With People?

Last week I read the news story online “Desperate brides tryfeeding tube diet” which really rocked my world and not in a good way.  I’m not even sure I can express my reaction to this article in a coherent way.  So if you are looking for coherent, you might want to move along because this is really going to be a rant.

What is so magical about a wedding that makes women feel the need to lose weight and how many of those women keep the weight off after the wedding?  Hey I’m all for goals and if you want to use your wedding day as a goal for improving your health that’s fantastic, but there is a What is wrong with these people?  I get that women want to lose weight before the big day but seriously if you were overweight when you got engaged then apparently it wasn’t a hindrance to your love.  Suddenly you are getting married and you want to lose 20 pounds so you let a doctor shove a feeding tube up your nose?  Is he wiring your mouth shut too?  Because let me tell you; you might be getting your 800 calories a day through the tube up your nose but if you’re still putting chocolate in your mouth it’s not going to help.  Hell if you actually have the fortitude to electively have someone shove a tube up your nose wouldn’t that imply that you have the wherefore all to restrict what you eat on your own?

These crazy people are paying $1500 a day for a 10 day feeding tube diet.  Hell people, I’ll charge you $200 a day end punch you in the stomach every time you try to eat something.  How’s that for a diet plan?  Oh wait, you’re getting married and probably don’t want bruises.  Ok how about $200 a day and instead of punching you in the stomach I just take the knuckle on my right hand and crack you upside the head every time you eat.  Hey it leaves no marks but hurts like hell.  That should be a deterrent.

Really a voluntary feeding tube?  My god and who are these quacks… I mean doctors who are willing to do this?  Seriously.  What the hell brides… BUY A DRESS THAT FITS and not one that is a size smaller.  This article says that wedding dresses run small so if you are normally a size 12 you would need a size 14 wedding dress.  Does it matter?  Really has ANYONE ever walked up to a bride and asked:  “Hmmm what size dress is that?... Oh dear… it’s a 14, 18, 24… you must be so embarrassed that you couldn't wear a size 6”  If some crazy guest actually had the nerve to ask such a question they would also ask “how much do you weigh?”  Personally I can envision the wedding scene if that were to happen and it would make Bridezilla’s look tame.  The News Headline would be “Rampaging Bride Maims Guest Over Insensative and Inappropriate Question”

Hell isn’t this why someone invented spanx?

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

April 18, 2012 – In Sickness and In Health

There are somethings that I think couples really don't need to share.  Mostly that's the sickness thing.  If only the germs would pay attention to that concept.

I’m working on the placebo effect.  If I drink enough tea, pop enough vitamin C and echinachea, and get enough sleep. I won’t get the cold that L has been battling since the weekend.   Nobody said I couldn’t live in a fantasy world.  I’ve got the vitamin’s down.  The tea is a little more difficult only because it cools down before I can finish it and I don’t have a method of reheating it.  Somehow I suspect sticking the teacup in the oven on 350 to reheat it really isn’t the best idea.  As for the sleep, considering I crawled back into bed this morning and slept until 11:30 I think I have that part completed.  The only thing left within my power is to refuse to get sick.  So universe… “I refuse to get sick!”  Yep I think I have all my bases covered.

Tomorrow I will wake up without a headache.  I will feel energized.  I will go to the gym to workout (because it’s supposed to rain/snow all week).  I will feel good.  Or I’ll get up take the beast out and crawl back into bed until I have to get up for work.  Whichever works.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April 17, 2012 – Pants and Bunnies or Bunnies and Pants

Look at that a couple of days of working out and my pants don’t quite feel so tight.  The logical conclusion is I’ve lost an ounce or two, or the more likely scenario that my pants have stretched out a bit.  *rolling eyes*

I’m also happy to report that my willpower is still intact.  I went to the grocery story and although they have removed the majority of the chocolate display there is still a small display of ½ off chocolate bunnies.  There was the little voice in my head telling me that that a chocolate bunny just might be dying (literally) to come home with me and that I could house him in the fridge until a more appropriate time.  Today is not a good day to die.  Then the other little voice in my head started laughing so loudly that I was pretty sure some of the other customers might hear.  That little voice pointed out the absurdity of me even attempting to store the bunny in the fridge.  I think it was taking bets whether the bunny would even make it home.  Needless to say I opted for the road of self-denial.  It just seemed easier.

Happy Tuesday People

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Monday, April 16, 2012

April 16, 2012 – Book Review – High Hopes Farm by Maree Kenneally

High Hopes Farm by Maree Kenneally

Publisher:  Self-published?

Product Description From Amazon

When Kate Thompson returns from college to her family sheep farm with her boyfriend Dylan in tow, she expects to take her place as her father’s right-hand on the farm. Instead she returns to a farm in ruin, and a father in despair. Her relationship begins to crumble, and Kate’s dreams crumble with it. When tragedy strikes, Kate finds herself caring for her distraught mother while battling her own grief and a dysfunctional relationship. Summoning all her strength, Kate seeks help from two courageous young women- Leah and Jess.

High Hopes Farm is the story of three young women who must each pick up the pieces of their broken hearts and dreams and find the courage to head into uncharted territory if they ever want a chance at achieving their dreams. Can they find happiness after so much death and ruin? And when new love comes into Kate’s life, will she take a leap of faith?

2.5 Stars out of 5

First I should point out that I’m pretty sure this is a self-published book and in many ways that colors my opinion because I think it takes a lot of effort to put a book together and to do that on your own is pretty impressive.  At least to me.

The story itself was pretty good, not great but I enjoyed reading it and frankly that’s more than ½ the battle.  Could it have been a great story?  Absolutely!  The premise was interesting and the characters were as well.  I think where it fell short for me was with the character Dylan.  The story seemed to be setting him up as the character who could have been used to add an element of suspense into the story.  He comes across as a bigoted drunkard who would stoop to any level to hurt Kate, but then the story never takes advantage of that.  Then again, maybe that’s just the mood I was in where I wanted the women of the story to not only be successful but to kick some ass too.

Would I recommend it, sure it’s an easy pleasant read and if I came across another of her stories I would give that a try if for no other reason than to see Maree Kenneally’s style develop.

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April 16, 2012 – April Showers Bring

Snails!  Chocolate bunny season is definitely over and snail season has begun.  Yes this is old news and I am happy to report that although I have seen the aftermath of several destroyed snail homes (it’s not pretty) I have not been the cause, yet.  Of course seeing the snails make come out of, what is it?  Hibernation? It’s caused me to wonder.  How do snails procreate?  If they have little snail families they can’t all live in the house with Mom or Dad.  Are snails born with teeny tiny homes on their backs?  I’ve seen really tiny snails, they are almost translucent.  Which leads me to wonder if I haven’t killed a snail already and that I am just unaware because a snail that small can’t possibly make the crushing noise the slightly larger ones do.  Oh God I am grossing myself out.

New Topic: I’m happy to report that I went to the gym both Saturday and Sunday.  No I didn’t just go and visit I actually worked out and feel pretty darned good about it.  Oh and I have a goal.  Meri told me that right across the lake is the Lindt Chocolate Factory and they give tours.  What?  You were thinking I was going to say my goal was to lose weight?  What kind of goal is that?  Of course I want to lose some weight but seriously I need a goal that is fun.  So I stay away from chocolate for a couple weeks, work out consistently and then…. GO TO THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY.  Meri asked why I don’t go sooner.  Hello, if I go to the chocolate factory I am going to eat chocolate.  She pointed out that I could just buy chocolate. Really?  Who does that?  Buys chocolate and then what?  Puts it in storage?  You but chocolate to EAT chocolate and I refuse to eat chocolate until my damn pants fit better or in 2 weeks, whichever comes first.

The Burning Of The Boog: That’s today.  When the people of Zurich torch the stay puff man in honor of spring.  L and I are skipping this years’ celebration.  We went he 1st year and it was fun but also a wee bit scary when the boog was done burning.  Then it was wall to wall people and your only option was to move along with the crowd.  Actually it wasn’t so much an option as the wall of people forced you in a particular direction.  That alone was enough to reconfirm for me I really don’t enjoy crowds.  It also validated the concept that I am only a hairs breath away from a panic attack in that kind of a crowd.

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

April 12, 2012 – Update

The Beast

The beastly boy is home safe and sound.  I picked him up yesterday and he spent a good portion of the day bringing me his squeaky toy.

Jet Lag

My sleep pattern is a mess and it’s kicking my arse.  Although, I have to admit that I’m consistent.  I was so tired Tuesday evening that I slept like the dead.  My mistake was that after coming home with the beast I was so tired I fell asleep and didn’t wake until 2.  Needless to say last night I dozed from 11 until 2am and then I was wide awake from 3 until 6am.  So yes, you guessed it.  I fell asleep this morning at 9 for 4 hours.  I actually tried several times to get up but couldn’t.  This is the flip side of my sleep disorder.  If I fall asleep, really asleep, while “napping” it’s extremely difficult for me to wake up.  There’s never a night terror when you need one.

Other Things While we were home in CT

We went to see The Hunger Games.  I wasn’t sure I wanted to see this movie having read the book.  I’ll say that I liked it and they did a pretty good job sticking with the story.

On Good Friday, we went to NYC to see Ricky Martin in the play Evita.  He’s the narrator and he did a great job and the play was fun.  I was a really surprised that I disliked the voice of the woman who was playing Evita.  I’m certainly no expert and maybe she was just having a bad voice day but whenever she had to put a lot of emphasis behind what she was singing I wanted to cringe.  Ok I did cringe.  Her voice sounded fine at normal tones/volumes, but again when she was belting it out her warble would come to the forefront and she would almost screech.

The other noteworthy thing, the last time I saw the play I don’t recall them portraying Evita as quite the, shall we say, “woman of loose morals”.  The again maybe I was too young to have a clue that all the men traipsing through her door with babbles meant anything other than men like to give her gifts.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

April 10, 2012 - 5 Hours

Well I am happy to report that we have arrived safe and sound back in Zurich.... 5 hours later than anticipated but hey when they say the landing gear is broken I'm all about waiting for a different plane.

Unfortunately, our late arrive means the beast has to spend an extra day in the kennel... I mean camp.  Beyond that L is off to London and I am off to work.

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

April 5, 2012 – Blond

I can’t believe it’s already Thursday.  Yesterday was a crazy day, I took the day off but of course it was packed with appointments: Haircut, doctor, etc, etc. but that is easier than have an appointment every day.  I'm also happy to report that I did in fact go blond... and I like it.  As usual Daniel did a fatastic job.

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Monday, April 2, 2012

April 2, 2012 – Connecticut

I’m happy to report that we successfully landed in the US Saturday afternoon.  The flight was pretty good but it did remind me that I am getting older if for no other reason than I saw two young guys checking in for the same flight and I realized that (a) to me they looked like they were 15 (b) they were checking in at the business class sans parents, which leads me to (c) they must at least be in their 20’s.  I don’t know exactly when it happened but at some point anyone under the age of 30 looks like they are 15 to me.

Yesterday the UCONN women lost in the final 4.  I tried to watch but at 7:00 pm I was already contemplating sleep and by the time 8pm rolled around I was snuggled in bed sleeping.  OMG it’s not that young people look young, I’m just OLD.  I admit the flights to and from Europe suck the life out of me but at least this morning I woke up feeling pretty good and now I have to go to work.

Have a great day

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