Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March 6, 2012 – Updates and Other Stuff

My apologies for not providing a weekend update yesterday, I was reading finishing a book I couldn’t put down and then work happened.

  • So weekend stuff:  I finally made pancakes.  They came out pretty good, but I obviously need more practice.  There has to be a way to cook them without skipping right past golden brown and heading into dark brown territory.  I considered it a win that I did not burn them.
  • We went to the movies on Sunday and saw “Safe House.”  All action all the time, if you want gun fights, fist fights and men being cool this is for you.  Denzel looks great and of course so does eye candy Ryan Renolds.  If you want plot twists and suspense (as in you don’t know what will happen next) this movie is not for you.
  • My neighbor had her baby yesterday.  When I saw her 5 year old son today I congratulated him on his new baby sister and asked what they named her.  He said “Naaa Naaaa”.  Seriously when you say that out loud that is what it sounded like he said.  Of course I scrunched up my face and said “That’s her name????”  At which point he admitted he couldn’t remember what they named her.  It will come as no real shock that he really wanted a baby brother.
  • My eyes are extremely tired today and the thought of plucking them out and replacing them with a backup pair that has been resting sounds both kind of cool and disgusting.  Ok mostly disgusting, I don’t know why my mind goes to these places.
  • It’s National Read an eBook week in Canada this week.  Although you don’t have to be “in” Canada to read an eBook.
  • I want to bleach my hair blond.  I don’t know why.  I know it will look weird, and I know when it grows out it will look weirder.  Maybe dying it red would be better.  Not bozo the clown red, or fire engine red… well you know what I mean.  It has to be something that can grow out (or more accurately be cut out) because we all know I won’t be coloring my hair after every haircut.  We also know that at this point I am all talk no action.  Which makes no sense because if it comes out crappy here, whose going to know?

I have to pay some bills before work starts so y’all have a nice day

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  1. You would look great as a blond. Return to your childhood color. Just do it! Love, Your Favorite Sister.