Friday, March 2, 2012

March 2, 2012 – It’s That Time Again

Didn’t I just finish complaining about taxes a couple of months ago?  Well at least this year I have an idea of the pain involved.  Who’d have thought that I would long for the days when I could use turbo tax and file my own damn taxes.  That’s not to say it wasn’t a nuisance; there’s the whole create separate federal returns, then mock up a “fake” joint return so you can file your state taxes thingy but seriously all of that was under my control and I felt better about.  Yes, I would get a little confused in spots but eventually I’d get it.  Now there’s the whole, file an extension because I can’t file my federal return until I know what I owe the Swiss.  Plus I have to file estimated taxes which is not that difficult and at least that is in my hands.  However, having gone through the stress of last year I at least “think” I know what to expect:
  • No matter what I think, it will take longer than I anticipate
  • The tax people will make me submit numerous copies of the same forms several times
  • The tax people wont get the calculations correct the 1st time around, fortunately Turbo Tax gives me a head start.  More importantly L understands this stuff.
  • My taxes won’t actually get filed until October

My Tax motto… no stress for me.  Alright even I recognize that as a big fat lie.  So I’ll shoot for just letting it roll of me as best I can and I'll try not to rant about it (too much) in this space.

Happy Friday

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