Monday, March 19, 2012

March 19, 2012 – Willpower

As in I don't have any...

How’s a girl supposed to stay away from chocolate when this is what she encounters every time she goes to the little grocery store in town?

Look at all those bunnies... taunting me

Seriously did they really have to fill the escalator with chocolate eggs?

Chocolate Bunnies, chocolate eggs…. Everywhere and let me tell you they are definitely calling my name… begging to have their heads bitten off.  You really have no idea.  Even no name brand chocolate “CoOp Brand” is smooth and deliciously good.  Fortunately I managed to stay strong over the weekend.  This 12 step program is killing me.

Step 1: Admit I have a problem

Step 2: Stay away from said problem

Step 3: … I have no idea what steps 3 – 12 are because I keep having to repeat steps 1 and 2

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