Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March 14, 2012 – Babies and other Random Stuff


My neighbor Meri came home over the weekend after giving birth to her new baby girl.  It’s been 16 years since I’ve been around a new born.  I forgot how little their hands are, and baby E has the longest little fingers.  I haven’t seen her toes yet but Meri said they are long too. 

Of course long baby fingers and toes reminds me of the first house I owned and our wonderful neighbors (Hi Rosie!) and their first daughter, also E.  OMG she had the longest toes and when you would touch her feet she would grip your fingers with her toes.  E is also the 1st and only diaper I have ever changed.  I suspect it was traumatic for both of us.  I can’t remember who I called on the phone, I think it was either one of Rosie’s sisters or her Mom, but I needed someone to talk me through how the heck to change a diaper without getting her wiggly feet into the mess.  I was not entirely successful… hence the only changing a diaper once thing.


A different topic: Thanks Sis for the pronunciation of Gotye’s name.  I have to admit that it was going down the same path as the cartoon character “Sluggo”

Oh and I have been meaning to take a picture of this "cow" that I see every morning.  When I see it all I can think is "This is the perfect cow for my sister's friend K."  A while back K had a rogue cow that would come through her yard and leave presents.  This one is present fee, although I don't really understand why these people have it in their yard.


I realize I am late to the party and I’ve tried to ignore all these idiot news items but it seems every time I turn around I am reading about another State Representative who makes me (a) glad my real life is in Connecticut and (b) seriously needs to be slapped.  I was horrified by Rush Limbaugh’s recent comments related to Sandra Fluke.  I’d say I am always horrified by him but generally he stays completely off my radar, which reminds me that there are a bunch of US congressmen who need a slap.  Seriously, you are going to hold a Congressional Committee on Women’s Reproductive Rights and not invite any women????  These men want to restrict women’s access to birth control because of religious and moral beliefs but they don’t have any issues with unrestricted access to Viagra.  Hello, maybe if you restricted access to Viagra there might be less of a need for birth control.  Yes I know that is a ridiculous statement but these guys are really ticking me off.

Then there is the Virginia bill where they wanted to force women to have transvaginal ultrasounds before allowing them to have an abortion, even in cases of rape.  Oh but hey, the women wouldn’t have to LOOK at the ultrasound they just have to HAVE an invasive procedure because… “What? Without it they wouldn’t have thought about the consequences of an abortion???”  Look I’m not pro-abortion but I if someone makes the incredibly difficult decision I don’t we should be making that decision more traumatic than it already is. 

Then today I read the story Georgia State Rep Terry England who compared a woman giving birth to a stillborn baby to that of delivering a stillborn calf.  IMHO that guy is a walking advertisement for birth control.

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  1. On the positive side there was an amendment to a bill in I think Illinois that said if a man wanted to get Viagra he needed to have a full meeting with a doctor about the possible side effects "and the positive lifestyle choice of celibacy."


  2. BOB!!! Hi BOB!

    The cow looks like one of those cow parade ones that I suspect they won at auction (most are for charity)