Monday, March 12, 2012

March 12, 2012 – Rant

I didn’t think I was going to complain about this, but two full days later I’m still irritated by it.  Here’s the thing, I read all sorts of things: they can be self-published, whatever the opposite of self-published is, fanfiction, femslash, whatever.  There are also quite a few people out there who create original works and publish them on their websites.  I consider these people authors because the ones I have read write incredibly well and their plots are interesting.  However, I’ve learned not to read things that aren’t tagged “complete” because I’ll get sucked into the story and the person writing it will get bored or lose their inspiration and never finish the thing. 

This weekend I bumped into a story that was tagged as “complete” so I started reading it.  I got sucked in. I’m enjoying the plot, the characters, yada yada.  300 + freaking pages later and the writers abruptly stop.  They decided it would be a good place for a cliff hanger.  One of the main characters gets kidnapped just before her wedding.  The implication is that she will be tortured by to get back at her fiancé.

The writers indicated in the comments of their website that there maybe might be a sequel but then again maybe not, they’ve always wanted to write a cliff hanger ending.  Here’s my thing, I get that I am bitter that it ended this way, but it feels like they just got tired of writing the damn thing so they stopped.  Well you could have stopped by letting the two get married.  That would have ended the freaking story as well, but no, you have to act like you are going to write a sequel if enough people beg for it.  Well I’m pretty sure that 3 years later and a lot of prolific writing on your part means there is no sequel and I get to use my imagination as to what happened and it ain’t pretty.  Yes, I admit I am being irrational about this but I liked the damn characters and I liked the story… I said that already… and I feel like they took a copout.  They should have just tagged the story as incomplete or part 1 of an incomplete series.  THAT would have been better.

So now I’m reading another book that I purchased from … somewhere… and I’m finding that I am annoyed while I’m reading it.  I can’t tell if it’s because the character is angry and the feelings are leaching into my own as I read it or if my annoyance with the other story is coloring my view, hence the reason for this rant.  I’m trying to let it go so I can enjoy this other story.

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