Thursday, March 1, 2012

March 1, 2012 – Stuff

The birthday month is officially over and now I need to get my act back in gear; which includes a chocolate detox.  Wow when I say that it sounds both better and more gross than I intend.  It’s a conundrum.

OMG FREAKING FOOT CRAMP….  Sorry about that, the arch of my foot cramped mid thought and I’ve decided that it’s the worst possible thing ever and really… please stop

So back to chocolate detox, what I mean is that I am trying to go a couple of weeks without chocolate candy.  I’m being specific here because I am excluding hot chocolate and nutella from the list of things I am foregoing.  Giving up the hot chocolate would just be cruel should we have a sudden cold snap.

Why the sudden desire to give up chocolate?  Well I have a doctors’ appointment in April and you know damn well they are going to make me get on a scale.  We hate that, so if I can just lose a few pounds (literally 3) I’ll feel more secure in that venture.  Just tell me when the betting pool starts as to how quickly I fall off the chocolate wagon.

The Beast:

This looks says "Why oh why do you make me ride in the scary elevator?"
To which I reply... 'because you are more frightened of the stairs"

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  1. When I open this blog, the Beastly boy is peering over my tool bar....

    I love it. I have come back several times just for his little Kilroy eyes....