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March 1, 2012 – Book Review – Strangers by DeJay

Strangers by De Jay

Publisher: Regal Crest

Book Summary:

“Justina Murphy has lived on the streets since the age of thirteen. Outed by her best friend, she was beaten until she passed out and then her mother threw her out of the house. She has spent the last thirty years building a life for herself, a place where she feels safe, has the amenities she was deprived of and finally a certain sense of peace.

Victoria Wainwright works for DCS, Department of Child Service. Her job is to convince Murphy to make changes to her very minimalist life, to open her home and her meager bank account to two strangers. Ms. Wainwright needs to do this while struggling with her own demons.

Jesse has very specific instructions from her mother. She's the eldest and responsible for her baby sister, Brianna. It's her job to look out for them and to help her Aunt learn about love, trust and family. Jesse is also struggling with her sexual identity, even in 2003 this can pose a problem when attending Catholic High School.

The three women come together, the fights are explosive, the learning curve more like an insurmountable mountain, and the results provide answers to a suicide that has hung over Murphy's head these last thirty years.”

Review: 4 out of 5 Stars
This is De Jay’s second book and I’m going to say it was even better than the 1st one. 

The primary focus of the story is the developing relationship between Murphy and her two nieces who have been left in her custody after the death of their Mom.  Within the development of that relationship the reader sees how being homeless and physical abuse shaped Murphy’s personality and how she interacts with the people around her.  Murphy’s character is written in a way that makes her seem 3 dimensional.  Yes, she has scars from her past but she actively works to overcome her issues and not be conquered by them; which include the death of her 1st girlfriend “Anna” almost 30 years prior.  The mystery surrounding the death of Murphy’s first girlfriend is woven into the plot in a manner that keeps the reader wondering if Anna really committed suicide and if not, wondering who was ultimately responsible.

Again, this is a well written, intriguing story that I could not put down.  A great read.

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