Wednesday, February 8, 2012

February 8, 2012 – What Happened to Tuesday and other Random Things

Sometimes the day just gets away from me.  I started reading a book on Monday and when Tuesday came around I couldn’t put it down long enough to swing in and say hello.  Then work starts and you know how that goes. 

We’re still having quite a bit of cold weather.  I know, it’s winter and the weather is supposed to be cold.  I’m not complaining, but I don’t think we have been out of the single digits for temps in a couple of weeks.  The good news, the beast LOVES this weather and that’s why they invented layers for cloths.

I’m also becoming a Hot Chocolate snob.  Shocking I know.  Last year I was making hot chocolate with “Caotina Noir” (Dark Hot Chocolate Mix).  I enjoyed it, but this year I’m using “CaotinaSurfin” which is so good it almost, but not quite, makes me wish it was a bit warmer outside so I could run off all the cups of hot chocolate.  It just needs to get into the 20’s (Fahrenheit) -5 (Celsius) and I would at least entertain the idea.  I also discovered I have the perfect sauce pan for heating the milk.  It has a little lip so when I pour it I don’t make a mess.

We have 9 days until we leave on vacation not that I am counting or anything.  Which means I am trying to focus as much as possible on work so I don’t get killed when I return.  Ok yes, I know that never works out that way, but let me have this little delusion.

Yesterday I ran into a friend of my neighbor’s.  She was parked at the end of the building complex driveway.  It seems she discovered that her car brakes were no longer working.  She did have the wherefore all to use the hand brake and fortunately she was driving UP the hill versus down it.  I took the kids and herded them to the neighbor’s apartment while she hopped back into the car to drive it up the hill a bit further to the gas station.  It reminded me of my drivers ed lessons, oh so very long ago, and the teacher making us practice losing our brakes.  It seemed funny at the time.  Not so much when you think about it actually happening.  It also made me wonder where the heck the emergency brake is on the Audi I’m driving.  Then I realized there isn’t one.  It’s a computerized “parking” brake.  Which also makes me think maybe just maybe car manufacturer’s need to keep one thing retro style because if I lose my brakes in the Audi there ain’t no stopping with a push button parking brake.

What else?  Oh yes, woke up with a headache.  This might not seem surprising but I’ve actually been headache-less for several days.  I’m going with PMS and the weather is probably going to change.

Proposition 8… Yeah! California.  I’m thrilled with the Federal courts’decision that ruled Prop 8 is discriminatory under the 14th Amendment.  Of course I also realize that there will be an appeal because the “Protect Marriage” people just can’t let it go.

Onward and Upward.  I'm going to make this a good day for myself.

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