Friday, February 3, 2012

February 3, 2012 – Haircuts and Piercings

I got my haircut today, I did not however change the color of my hair… but I’m going to.  Just not yet, we didn’t have time and I really needed the haircut.  Oh and no I did not get a piercing either.  Call me old fashioned but my ears are pierced (3 on the left 1 on the right) and that’s plenty.  The girl who cuts my hair however is a different story.  She just acquired a relatively new piercing… I’m cringing as I type this… inside her mouth, where her upper lip meets the gum of her front teeth.  She now has a decorative little hoop with a tiny little ball that hangs down into the gap of her front teeth.  Ouch!  Oh and she can only keep it a few months because otherwise the gum will start to recede.  Her dentist brother did it for her.  I’ve had a lot of dental work, including surgery to fix a receding gum when I was 10 or 11 years old, so I’m not about to willingly pierce anything that comes anywhere near my teeth.  I know that I don’t really understand the whole piercing thing, but why the heck would you pierce something that you know you can’t keep for … ever or at least more than a couple of months.

During this discussion I apparently put on my invisible “tell me everything about you I never wanted to know” hat, because she shared that when she goes through airport security she inevitably gets wanded because her piercings show up.  Oh and if she has all of her piercings then she gets pulled to the little room where I managed to get her to not tell me what happens there.  Mind you she doesn’t have that many piercings; she saw a show the other day where a guy (whom she described as being nutty) has 300 piercings in his penis.  That bit of trivia has resulted in an inordinate number of inappropriate and unanswerable questions to race through my head all afternoon.  Ok maybe in the grand scheme of things the 5 – 10 piercings (I’m guessing) she has aren’t really that many, but HELLO you set off the airport screening devices and have to get wanded EVERY TIME.  I think that’s a sign that maybe you have one too many.  I’m just saying.

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