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February 27, 2012 – South Africa Vacation Roundup


I think Australia and China are off my list of places to visit because I’ve learned that a 10 hour flight flying “cattle” is about all I can handle. We flew from Zurich to Johannesburg (10 hours) and then from Johannesburg to Durban (1 hour) and I was more than ready to be off a plane. Thank God the long flight was overnight. I at least managed a couple of hours of sleep.

The Hotel was beautiful and I was surprised by the waves on the beach. It’s no wonder they discourage people from swimming there. Fortunately there were plenty of pools at the hotel and it was easy to find a shady spot away from people to relax.

The view from The reception area of the Fairmont Hotel

The Beach

L and me in South Africa


On my birthday we did a day trip to the Hluhluwe Game reserve (pronounced SlaShoewe… why and “h” sounds like an “s” I have no idea). I would definitely say this was the highlight of the trip. Sure I’ve seen Giraffe’s and Elephants on TV or in a zoo but there is just something totally different about seeing them loose and in a natural environment. 

The section of the reserve we were in has been having a drought for the last few years so they have not seen Elephants or Hippos in the area for quite some time, but recently there had been a major storm and we spotted both. When I say spotted, I mean up close, 20 feet away, and kind of scary but cool.

The guide estimated this elephant to be about 10 years old... so he is still "small"

A random Giraffe

Hippo Family... just the eyes and ears


As part of my birthday celebration, L got me a massage at the hotel/resort. Why am I telling you this? Because how the massage ended was too funny not to share. When the massage was completed, the guy said “I would like to recommend that you start cardiovascular exercise program because you have cellulite in your right hamstring and the cardiovascular exercise, it gets the heart pumping and the blood flows, and it will break up the cellulite.” Then he recommended one of those “creams” you can put on to help eliminate the cellulite, one that they just happen to sell at the counter. Fortunately I was relaxed and his entire spiel literally made me laugh. I think I took him back a bit because I really was laughing at him.

Seriously, the only thing that would have been funnier is if the guy actually broke into song and sang “Fatty Fatty Bo Batty, Fe Fi Mo Matty…FATTY”; which is actually the tune that started running through my head when the guy started to speak. Along with the following inside voice dialogue: Hello, I’m now officially 47 years old, I have cellulite. Hell I may have had cellulite when I was 27 years old. I’ve earned my cellulite. Oh, and no, I am not wearing my born yesterday hay so no I am not spending money on some crazy cream that doesn’t work, and while I am at it…“No Tip For You!”

Tips for massage therapist:

(1) If the person you are working on is overweight…. They already know it. We might be in denial of just how overweight we are but we are aware. Pointing it out even under the guise of being helpful could get you bitch slapped

(2) Be quiet and get the knots out of my shoulder

(3) Really after item 1 and 2… there is no need for item 3


I mentioned on facebook that L doesn’t like monkeys and that we had seen some blue balled ones. Apparently they are Vervet Monkeys and the males have blue balls. I have no idea why they are blue I refuse to think too much about it. Here’s a female enjoy a snack by the pool

A Random Sand Castle Builder.  They want "tips" if you take a picture

Surfer Girl in Durban


I read too many too quickly to write reviews for all of them, but there are a couple that I definitely want to take the time to do that for later in the week. In the meantime, here’s a quick list and the # of stars I associated with each. On a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being I hated it and 5 being Fantastic.

· Nightwalker by Jocelynn Drake                                              3.5 stars
· Unbound by Kim Harrison, Melissa Marr, Jeaniene Frost     1.5 stars
· Witch Wolf by Winter Pennington                                         4 stars
· Raven Mask by Winter Pennington                                        4 stars
· Bloody Claws by Winter Pennington                                     4 stars
· Roses and Thorns by Chris Ann Wolfe                                  4 stars
· A Perfect Blood by Kim Harrison                                          3 stars
· Body of Water by Sarah Dooley                                             3 stars
· Pennance by Clare Ashton                                                      3 stars
· Before It Stains by R.E. Bradshaw                                         3 stars
· Haunting Whispers by VK Powell                                         3 stars
· Rescue Me by Julie Cannon                                                   2.5 stars

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