Monday, February 27, 2012

February 27, 2012 – An open Letter to Winter Pennington

Dear Winter Pennington,

Did you really have to write not one but three books that have me completely addicted to the main character and her cohorts? 

I plowed through Witch Wolf.  I loved the interaction between Kassandra Hall (werewolf and Preternatural Investigator) and Lenorre (Countess Vampire).  When I finished the first book I realized that I did not have the second book in the series, but rather the third.  This just was not going to make it. 

Now I bought the 1st and the 3rd from boldstrokes but I’m sorry I was in South Africa and didn’t have access to the internet and I needed to know what was going to happen next.  Fortunately, my Kindle has 3G and I could download the second book, Raven Mask.  Seriously, you almost ruined my vacation because there was no way I could read the third book without finding out what happened between Kassandra and Lenorre in the second book.  It’s your own damn fault for writing a great story with interesting main and secondary characters.  If they had been less interesting I might have waited until after vacation to pick up the second in the series, but as it turned out I needed to know what happened next ... immediately.

So there I am reading the second book and still loving the characters and now you’re throwing in more mythical magical things and I want Kassandra to kick Shiela Morris’ ass.  So of course when I was done I had to move immediately onto the third book on in the series; Bloody Claws.

Now not only do I like Kassandra and Lenorre but I’m sucked into the entire dynamic of the group: Kassandra, Lenorre, Rosalin, Eris, and Zaphara.  I want to keep reading about all of them.  Do they have a fan club?

I get that Bloody Claws is a brand spanken new book…. But now I’m stuck waiting for the next one.  Patience is not my string suit  Please tell me there will be a next one.… .  *sigh*



Book Review: The Kassandra Lyall Preternal Investigator Series

Witch Wolf  (book 1)
Raven Mask (book 2)
Bloody Claws (book 3)

Short and sweet: If you like paranormal/fantasy/crime books read them, you won’t be disappointed.  Well except for the fact that you have to wait for a 4th to be written/published.

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