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February 13, 2012 – Book Review – Shaken and Stirred by Joan Opyr

Shaken and Stirred by Joan Opyr

Publisher: BywaterBooks 

Product Description from

Sometimes, I think my story is about addiction and adultery. Other times, I think it's about bad luck with the Avon lady. And not just one—one I could chalk up to chance. Two rotten Avon ladies feel more like a curse.

So begins the story of Poppy Koslowski. She's trying to recover from a hysterectomy, but her family has other ideas. She's the one with the legal right to call time on her alcoholic grandfather in North Carolina. So she's dragged back across the country from her rebuilt life into the bosom of a family who barely notice the old man's imminent death.

Poppy understands why her grandfather is dying alone. She remembers how his drinking terrorized his family. But she also remembers the man who made her feel worthwhile and wanted after her parents' marriage collapsed, a time when she felt like she was dying alone.

Plunged into a crazy kaleidoscope of consulting doctors, catching fire with an old flame, and negotiating lunch venues with her mother and grandmother, Poppy still manages to fall in love. With her best friend. Because nothing in the Koslowski family is ever straightforward.”

4.0 out of 5 Stars

I admit I originally judged this book by its cover and put it into my, maybe read, as a last resort, column.  I don’t know why, I just didn’t like the cover.  Why I would decide to reject a book solely on the cover makes no sense at all since I do 99% of my reading on my Kindle, but let’s face it, the cover art catches my eye, it makes me take a closer look at the book, and causes me to read the product description.  Yes, it’s ultimately the description or someone’s recommendation that makes me buy a book but the artwork is what grabs my attention.  It’s why I love book stores.  I like walking through the aisles and seeing the cover art

Fortunately for me, I’m part of an online book group and this is the book they are reading for February.  I’m new to the group and I wanted to participate in a least some small way.  So I sucked it up and bought the book.  Well you know the adage; don’t judge a book by its cover; that couldn’t be any truer in this instance.

Shaken and Stirred is a quirky and fun novel.  On more than one occasion I was laughing out loud and had to explain to L what I was laughing at.  The novel is written in a way that tell’s Poppy’s story and relates childhood events to her current life situation. 

When I first started reading the book I did find myself a little confused as the story worked it’s way back and forth between current day events and childhood memories but it didn’t take long for me as the reader to get into the flow of the story and how the author switched back and forth.
I don’t know that I would personally classify this as a romance novel, in my opinion this is a great fiction story and now I have another author I can stalk read.

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