Thursday, January 26, 2012

January 26, 2012 – SPAM

Lately more SPAM has been making it through my filter.  Just today I received the following:


Mr. James Obaseki      RE: Very Urgent You Contact,

Mario Gagne               Envisage this little chica with D size boobs! Fantastic, right?

Jared                            Please Provide Your Accurate Information

 The 1st one implies that I contacted Mr. Obaseki and that they are replying to me.  Um, my German may suck but I think I could bet money that I would never enter a subject line that said “Very Urgent You Contact”

That’s an immediate delete.

And what’s the deal with the second one?  That ranks right up there with the emails that suggest that I can increase my penis size.  Seriously, do people open these things?  They must, and worse they must actually click on something in the email or these types of SPAM would peter out.  No pun intended.

The last one is funny because I am sure people would open that one assuming it was something official.  Usually I just delete these things because no one is legitimately going to ask me to provide this kind of information out of the blue.  Meaning, if I’ve had no prior contact with you, you are most likely SPAM.  However, today I was curious so I opened the email.

The email has a pretty Better Business Bureau Logo and technically “looks” official.  They just want me to click on the inserted hyperlink and enter a user id/password.

Here’s the thing.  I’m not entirely stupid.

If the sender was from the Better Business Bureau his email address would reflect that.  It doesn’t: The sender is Jared <>  I’m pretty sure the “.it” means the email address is registered in Italy but to confirm that, and because I had time, I displayed the header information which gives me the IP address where the email was sent from: Yep Italy.

What do you supposed would happen if I clicked the hyperlink?  I can make a guess.  I would most likely end up installing some malicious software on my laptop that if not immediately would eventually cause me massive headaches.

I’m having a tough time imagining me opening and activating any spam email although a subject line “Dancing Naked Dark Chocolate Hershey Nugget” might get me.  Heck I wont even click on the hyperlinks that Jack Daniel’s sends me when I get notices from them updating me on all things Squire related.  See this is what taking classes in Information Protection and Security do to you.  They make you paranoid.  Although I don’t think it’s technically paranoia if the concern is legitimate.

Happy Thursday. 

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