Monday, January 23, 2012

January 23, 2012 – Weekend Update

The weekend was a well deserved quiet one.  The beast and I took a couple of long-ish walks in an attempt to combat the fatness.  I’m not sure how effective the walk is when the boy stops every 3 feet to snif things and/or to leave behind his own little markings.  I know you really didn’t need to know that last bit.  I did manage to get him to jog the last ¼ mile home.  Which for me is a jog, for him it’s more a fast walk, but since it counts as picking up the pace I’ll place it in the win column.

Sunday L and I went to see the J. Edgar Hoover movie.  I didn’t know until the very end that it was directed by Clint Eastwood but when I saw the credits I had that “ah-ha” moment where I should have known it was a film of his: it was slow damn slow.  I like Clint and an actor I really do, but as a director… omg I can feel myself aging at the pace his movies move.

That being said, the movie was pretty interesting and if even ½ of what they portrayed was true.  OMG J. Edgar Hoover was a nut job, a creepy, sneaky, nut job. 

I like Judy Dence as an actress, I liked her character in “The Chronicles of Riccick” and I liked her in the 007 movies, but I have to look those up to remind myself of that.  What I don’t have to look up is when she plays a whack-a-do and let me just say J. Edgar Hoover and his mom had a wickedly strange relationship.  Judy portrayed the Mom in a way that just gave me the creeps.  So much so that I couldn’t help but compare it to her role in “Notes on A Scandal”.

To end the weekend I made mushroom risotto for dinner.  You thought I was going to say something like chocolate risotto… is there such a thing?  Anyway dinner was a success, and since Rissotto calls for white wine I opened a bottle of Aigle, Chablais.  If I didn’t occasionally cook with wine the bottles would never get opened.  Since I opened it I had to try a sip.  Lord am I a lightweight.  I small glass later and it goes right to my head, but I must say:  I like this wine  So now I have ¾ of a bottle of wine I need to cook with… just call me Julia Child. 

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