Thursday, January 19, 2012

January 19, 2012 – New Milestones and Other Random Thoughts

Yesterday I was walking the beast when a woman approached me and said “Das ist burgstrasse?”  Now this gives you some idea of what my life has become.  I ended up with this ridiculous grin on my face when I heard the question.  I’m fairly certain the woman had a brief moment where she thought she might have approached a psycho, but I was just so beyond excited that I knew what the heck the woman said to me AND I knew the answer.  “Ya”; look at that my 1st successful German conversation.  Fine, conversation might be an exaggeration but the fact that I knew the name of the street was impressive.  I’ve had people stop me in the neighborhood I’ve live in the last 15 years and asked me the name of a street and I’ve had to pretend that I didn’t live there because I had no idea.

I’m particularly fond of the cowboy Junkies version of Sweet Jane.  Is it bad that I have been listening to the Cowboy Junkies all week?  There are over 100 of their songs on my iPod.  It takes awhile to get through them

I finished reading Santa Olivia over the weekend I’ll get to a review soon, now I’m reading The Hangman’s Daughter.

Tomorrow, I don’t know what tomorrow holds but I think I am going to do something just for me.

Pictures: I want to get back to trying to figure out how to use Adobe Photoshop Elements.  It’s supposed to be easy.  Errr… ok it certainly is easier than German.  Yes I am fixated on the whole German thing but no fear when I encounter something more difficult for me, I’ll stop talking about it.

I have the weird desire to make Risotto this weekend.  Weird because it’s only Thursday and I’m thinking about Sunday dinner.  Who does that?

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