Monday, January 16, 2012

January 16, 2012 – Weekend Update Part 1 – Arosa

L and I spent a snow weekend in Arosa, Switzerland.  I’d say that we spent a ski weekend there but neither of us ski.

We arrived on Saturday late morning after taking a pleasant 2 hour train ride.  The train was packed with people in their ski gear, boots and all.  They hope the train, go to the mountains, hop off, hop on a ski lift and they are off.  It’s actually kind of amazing.

Anyway, we arrived Saturday and quickly threw our snow pants on over our jeans.  Hey we might not ski, but we like to stay warm and there ‘s snow… everywhere  with lots of non-skiing opportunities to take advantage.
L and I in after we arrived.

 The view of the mountain from town

Just some random guy who let me take his picture; I mean how could I not take his picture?  He just got off the mountain and was snowboarding as some green fuzzy animal.

Saturday we took the lift to the middle station and walked one of the trails back down the mountain.  What’s really cool about this place is they have ski/snowboard trails, sledding (sledging) trails, and hiking trails all over the mountain and many of them start in the same general vicinity.

While we were hiking I was taking a bunch of pictures of the ski slopes primarility because all I could think was “Damn my brother would love it here, he needs to see these ski slopes.”  I haven’t seen my brother ski since I was 13 but I know that he loves skiing and I know that he’s been skiing for years so I assume that he’s a very good skier.  Plus there are no trees on these slopes, unlike at home where the slopes run between the trees.

So Big Brother, these pics are for you.

I don't think you can see it clearly but that small black dot in the middle of the picture is somebody skiing off the trail 

Teeny tiny people walking one of the hiking trails but look at all the ski tracks from people just going down the side of the mountain.

 I'm pretty sure they don't require that you wear a dress to ski, although after seeing the guy dressed as a fuzzy animal I might be wrong...

Tomorrow I'll share our sunrise ski lift and sledging adventure.  Let's just say explatives were used liberally.

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  1. Wow! It's absolutely beautiful. I think Danny would love it. Love, Your Favorite Sister

  2. You are SUCH a great sister for researching all that just for your big brother... I am sure it was such a burden!


    Great pictures! Looking forward to part two (miu=nus the swearing but will take the good with the bad)