Friday, January 13, 2012

January 13, 2012 – Overwhelmed

I’m going to make this a good day for myself.  I am.  In between making it a good day for myself I might randomly break out into tears but hey, it’s Friday and I’m blaming PMS, stress, and general emotional instability for my outlook today.  Well that and a Plumber, the Postman, and the stupid freaking German language.

I get it, I’m in Switzerland and the written language is German and I suck with languages and I’m still trying to learn to speak the damn thing but even if I get to that point I have no hope that I will be able to read it.  Who came up with this language anyway?

The plumber was actually easy, he came by because the downstairs neighbor has a leak coming in from somewhere, into someplace for the last 3 years.  I say someplace because I haven’t a clue where the water is coming into but it can’t be coming INTO their actual apartment because who the heck would put up with that crap for 3 years.  So I’m making the leap of faith that they are getting water from our balcony onto their balcony, and in an evil sort of way I think “well we’re getting your damn cigar smoke IN our apartment from YOUR balcony so we aren’t even close to calling it fair”.  That’s neither here nor there, the plumber walked on the balcony looked over the edge and said, we’ll have to lift some of these flat stones to identify the problem because “something MUST be broken under here… somewhere.”  This is where I get to pipe up and point out that we don’t own the apartment, we’re just tenants and that they should talk with the landlord.  We will be happy to cooperate as much as possible with the landlord permission.  Goodbye Plumber Man.  Not so bad.  Really.

Shortly after plumber man leaves the main doorbell rings and it’s the postman.  I have to sign for a letter.  Ok I admit that as soon as I have to sign for an “official” looking I start to panic that I did something wrong and I’ve inadvertently gotten L and myself into trouble.  Seriously, it’s not a tough leap to make, what the heck I’m in a foreign country and if you do something to annoy someone (anyone) they call the police or your landlord versus talking to you personally.  When you stop to think about it, it’s kind of like the reality TV show Survivor where you are just trying to fly under the radar and avoid being noticed.  Well like that show but without the starvation, lack of shelter and running water.  Fine it’s nothing like the damn annoying show.

So the letter is two freaking pages which means I spent 30 mins typing the 1st page into google translate to figure out what the heck I just signed for.

Well we have a 120 Euro fine for not having a proper toll pass in Austria and it has to be wired to some bank somewhere in the next 4 weeks.  This sounds like that crazy spam email, “wire $1000 to bank x and we’ll give you $1,000,000 except I know this isn’t a scam.  What sucks is we were in Austria in September and I know that we stopped to buy the Vignette stickers in several countries, and nobody stopped us on the highway so how the heck do they know if we did or didn’t have the Vignette?  Oh and of course I don’t even know if we still have the damn tickets for that because it was back in SEPTEMBER and even if we find them who the heck am I supposed to contact? 

CAB:               Dear Austria, we already paid the toll can we discuss this rationally?

Austria:           Sure CAB but all discussions will be conducted in German.  Learn the language.

CAB:               Stab me in the eye with a sharp stick please

Have I mentioned I’ve had a pounding headache for two days; today I really hate Switzerland; and I need a hug? 

It’s Friday.  I’m going to make this a good day for myself or at the very least I am going to survive it.  Tomorrow, L and I are going to Arosa and we’re going to have a fun weekend playing in the snow.

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  1. Hope you feel better. Powder aspirin works for me sometimes. Enjoy the weekend and hope headache goes away.