Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January 11, 2012 – The Vet

Today the boy had to go in for his “annual exam”.  We say that in hushed tones around the house.  Like anyone, he’s not particularly fond of going to the Doctor, plus he’s been feeling a little sensitive about his weight lately.  He’d put on some weight before we arrived in Switzerland and well, you know how that goes.  We’re getting older, it’s not as easy to drop those couple of extra pounds.  Last summer we went on a diet and that was helping.  I don’t think he’d actually lost any weight but he was maintaining his weight and the new diet plan didn’t make him feel deprived.

Well one thing led to another, the holidays rolled around (that’s code for the pet store no longer carries the boys diet food and my inability to communicate with the clerk had me leaving with regular food) and it looks like the boy has put on some weight.  Trust me, I’ve been sensitive to the boy and haven’t pointed it out, but our neighbor was a little less tactful this morning and greeted the boy with “He’s put on weight!!” 

Seriously, how do you undo that kind of emotional damage just before we’re heading to the dreaded Vet?  I may have implied that the 5 minute walk down the hill to the Vet’s office was sure to drop a pound or two.  I think he believed me. 

The good news is that the Vet made no comments about the boys weight, in fact he didn’t even make him get on the scale. Although, as we were leaving there was a cat in a crate (prison) crying and I’m pretty certain she hissed under her breath “there goes fatty” because there would be no other reason for the boy to make a beeline for the crate.  Oh sure a cat in a crate could be construed as a fun toy for a dog, but not “my dog” he’s a good boy and would never ever taught, chase, try to maim a cat. 

Anyway that’s a rather long winded way of saying the vet was a success, the boy can avoid him for another year.

The boy resting after his difficult morning
"I'm trying to sleep why are you bugging me?"

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  1. Poor beastly baby boy.... he is not fat he is fluffy!
    (and adorable as always)

  2. He doesn't look fat to me. Rub his belly and kiss him on the snout for me. Love, Your Favorite Sister