Wednesday, December 21, 2011

December 21, 2011 – Dessert 1st

Last night we had dessert 1st night with the girls.  It’s always fun getting together with everyone.  I realized that D, C and I have been having Dessert 1st in one form or another for close to 20 years.  There are others who come and go based on availability but over the last few years it’s been another couple B&C who routinely join us.  There are two guarantees during Dessert 1st night:  Dessert (obviously) and lots of laughter.  Last night the laughter started before D and I even arrived.  I had an eye exam and of course since my eyes haven’t been dilated in 10 years the doctor threw the guilt around until I gave up.  He promised me that driving at night would not be impaired by having the pupils of my eyes pegged wide open.  I believe the doctor may have fibbed just a bit although the halo affects I was seeing in all the street and headlights was interesting it was also distracting.  It was also obvious that my need for a new pair of distance glasses was even more obvious.   Just imagine, D and I are in the little red convertible and I’m doing my best imitation of a little old lady with her face mashed up against the windshield trying to read the street signs looking for the turn off.  After the second wrong turn/u-turn we lucked out and spotted the correct road.  D pointed out that we might have been better off letting her drive and risking the possibility of a crash due to a seizure versus my desperate search for Braille street signs.  Oh and any town planners out there, placing the street signs 20 feet high on a telephone pole only complicates matters.  Once we arrived at C & B’s home I accidently set off the car alarm.  Thank god they live in the boonies so we didn’t disturb the neighbors.

I will say a very good time was had by all, and it was wonderful to see everyone.

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  1. But at least you could see everyone, right?

    You did not have a great time at some strangers house who was just accommodating and friendly to the poor blind woman? ;)

    Have a great holiday