Friday, December 16, 2011

December 16, 2011 – Pre-Trip Jitters

I admit it, I’m not the most relaxed individual in the world.  Fine, I’m not even the most relaxed individual under any circumstances including anesthesia.  A few years ago when I had surgery to remove Fred from my life I made the nurse hold my hand as they put me under.  So on a scale of 1 to 10 with major surgery being a 10, getting ready for a flight the next day ranks as a 5 on the stress scale.

In the grand scheme of things you would think this would be a minor event, and once I’m actually on board the plan it becomes just that.  Unfortunately, up until that moment I become a little OCD.  I’ve never counted how many times I have to check my pocket to make sure my passport is still there, but I am sure to check at least 5 times between leaving the apartment, riding the elevator to the car and getting into the car.  Those passports they can have a mind of their own and if you give them even a little leeway they will make a break for it and leave your ass behind as if you were nothing.  No loyalty what so ever, do they even for a moment consider the less than flattering picture that they hold of you for the next 10 years?  No, it’s all about them and how quickly they can raise your blood pressure by disappearing.  They really don’t know how lucky they have it.  Look at all those wallets on chains.  They’ve been totally enslaved. 

So what’s on today’s agenda:
  • Last minute laundry
  • Charging:
    • the US cell phone
    • The Kindle
    • iPod
    • iPa
  • Measuring the dogs’ food for the week.  We give the kennel his food to avoid the  potentional stress with a change in diet on top of going to camp.
  • Packing up the laptop and any other work materials I may need.  I may be going home but work continues.
  • The final thing I need to do before walking out the door is verify that I have the key to this apartment AND that I have the key to our home in CT.  It would be less than fun to show up home and be locked out.

Have a happy weekend all.  If things go according to plan, then I will be meeting Frontrunners on New Haven bright and early Sunday morning and running to the summit of East Rock in honor of the Solstice.  One of the only days I deliberately try to get up in time to see the sunrise.

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  1. You left checking the passport off the list

    And DOGS'????

    OCD? Not me.

    Have fun at the sunrise and the run!