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December 13, 2011 – Book Review – Second Nature: A Love Story by Jacquelyn Mitchard

Second Nature: A Love Story by Jacquelyn Mitchard

Product Description from Amazon.com Website:
“New York Times bestselling author Jacquelyn Mitchard’s novels, with their riveting stories and unforgettable characters, have won the hearts of millions of readers. Now, from the author of The Deep End of the Ocean and No Time to Wave Goodbye, comes the fierce and moving tale of one woman’s fight for her identity and her life when fate holds out a second chance.

Sicily Coyne was just thirteen when her father was killed in a school fire that left her face disfigured. Twelve years later, a young surgeon, Eliza Cappadora, offers hope in the form of a revolutionary new surgery that may give Sicily back the grace and function she lost. Raised by a dynamic, tenacious aunt who taught her to lead a normal life, and engaged to a wonderful man who knew her long before the accident, Sicily rejects the offer: She knows who she is, and so do the people who love her. But when a secret surfaces that shatters Sicily’s carefully constructed world, she calls off the wedding and agrees to the radical procedure in order to begin a new life.

Her beauty restored virtually overnight, Sicily rushes toward life with open arms, seeking new experiences, adventures, and, most of all, love. But she soon discovers that her new face carries with it risks that no one could have imagined. Confronting a moral and medical crisis that quickly becomes a matter of life and death, Sicily is surrounded by experts and loving family, but the choice that will transform her future, for better or worse, is one she must make alone.”

3.5 stars out of 5

This is the first book that I have read written by Jacquelyn Mitchard.  I was in Barnes & Nobel and the cover art caught my attention.  Then because I didn’t want to lug a book back to Switzerland I downloaded the electronic version of the story.  Not having read anything of her’s before I did not realize that the Cappadora family who play a central role in this story have been key players in other storylines.  I only discovered that after finishing this story.  In hindsight I can say that not being familiar with the family did not have a negative impact on my understanding of the story or its flow.

Regardless of the title, I don’t think that I would classify this as a love story in the traditional sense; although, it could be construed that the story is a journey of self-discovery and love for the main character Sicily Coyne. 

In an overly simplistic statement: Sicily is a burn victim whose face is horribly disfigured as a child who later in life has a face transplant.  Some readers might be turned off by either of those two ideas but I have to say that the book handles the concepts beautifully.  Mitchard gives the reader a good understanding of what is going on with Sicily without crossing over the line into  horror movie graphic.  For me personally the best part of the story is seeing how Sicily comes into her own as a woman and comes to terms with her own motivations.

The only thing I was not thrilled with was the ending, which seems to be left up to the reader to determine what happens next.  Regardless I would recommend this as a good read.

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