Monday, December 12, 2011

December 12, 2011 - Monday Monday

It might be difficult to contain yourselves once I share the big news.  Are you ready?  Today, I went to the COOP in Goldbach.  Now, this is not your every day COOP no this is the Home Depot of COOP’s but not as large.  Well and w/o all the helpful people.  Although I am sure that if any of the people I encountered spoke English they would be helpful, or of course if I spoke German.  Well that’s a whole other can of fish.  Ok that makes no sense but I’m running with it.  Today I went an purchased a brand spanking new vacuum.  It’s an exact replica of the one we already own but with both wheels in place and an extending arm that extends and doesn’t need to be jammed full of matchsticks to keep it from collapsing.  I was willing to deal with the random collapsing of the arm thingy but after the wheel fell off we decided that dragging that vacuum around like that might just cause damage to the apartment versus sucking up the dog hair likes it’s supposed to.  Why would I buy the exact same vacuum that only managed to survive 18 months on this 3 year voyage?  Well I figure we only have about 18 months left, so if this one kicked the bucket in that time frame it would be ok.  That and lord knows we don’t want to spend a crazy amount of money on a vacuum that would be totally useless to us in the US, because returning to the US is part of the game plan.

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest; does anyone know what the heck I did with the pedipaws things that I use to grind the beastly boys nails?  I’ve misplaced it.  It’s not like there are that many places to misplace the thing.  It should be in the closet, but on the not so rare occasions when I leave it out, it’s either on my desk or the coffee table.  Nada!  I’ve even looked in all the drawers and under furniture.  The boy doesn’t mind the thing.  He certainly likes it way better than the nail clipper so I can’t blame him for hiding it.  Suggestions?  Hints?  ideas of where I can look next?  The boys’ nails are WAY too long.

Well happy Monday people.

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  1. Look in the couch cushions?

    Sit where you clip his nails and look around from that level to see if you see it?