Wednesday, November 9, 2011

November 9, 2011 – Running Late

I’m running a little late today.  I’ll blame the not feeling so well combined with the massive splitting headache earlier this morning.  Several hours later, I am feeling mostly human again and being productive with my work responsibilities.  Hey this is a dinner break, I’m allowed.

I mentioned a week or two ago how much I seriously enjoy the setting the clocks back an hour because everyone enjoys that extra hour of sleep.  It’s also easier to get up in the morning when it’s not dark out.  What I am not enjoying.  The fact that at 5:30pm it’s dark; it was just a few months ago that it was still light at 9:30pm.  Apparently, I can whine with the best of them but can’t have it all.  I’ll get over it, I like the getting up in daylight more so it’s all good.

Dinner tonight: Chicken Soup.  Yes, homemade.

I’ve got several things on my mind these days I just haven’t figured out how to put them into a cohesive thought to share with you.  When you get over laughing at the concept that I might have a cohesive thought, please feel free to read on.

I did talk with my Mom yesterday; Mom, Dad and my siblings helped take the mast down from my father’s sailboat.  An outsider watching this event is bound to think that it’s a disaster/injury waiting to happen.  Why would I think such a thing?  People have commented in the past watching us work through the gyrations of lowering the mast by hand.  Dad rigs this crazy pulley system somehow using the mast as its own pulley counterweight thingy.  I don’t understand it but it works.  Maybe next time someone will take a picture.

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  1. Glad you are feeling better.....

    I was thinking the same thing about having daylight int he am versus pm.

  2. Imagine my surprise when I was told that my job was to catch the mast as it was lowered. By catch I mean that I was directed to stand at the edge of the dock with an approximately 3 foot long 1" by 4" board with a notch cut out of the top. I was told to hold the bottom of the board with two outstretched hands reaching toward the mast as it was lowered. Then once the mast was in the notch I was told I should slowly lower the 1 by 4 to the dock so that the mast was resting on the upright board. I thought it was a disaster waiting to happen, but my part went off without a hitch. One tiny doo hickey was broken on the bracket that mounts the mast to the boat, but it was a minor casaulty. Love, Your Favorite Sister