Thursday, November 3, 2011

November 3, 2011 – Foot Cramps

I know you don’t want to hear this but OMG foot cramps are the worst.  Well maybe not the absolute worst thing, I am sure there are other things that are worse, but when you are having one:  seriously unpleasant.  On a bright note, I ran 4.6 miles today.  Well ran… walked… ran…  you know the drill.  Hence the foot cramps.  After I ran I was stretching and my right foot decided to let me know that it was displeased.  I let anyone within ear shot know that I was in discomfort.  Of course once the right foot was done complaining and we had massaged it back into a non contorted form the left foot was feeling left out and let me know in no uncertain terms that it too wanted a massage. 

Several hours later I’ve had a chat with my feet and explained to them that they don’t need to cramp on me.  That I promise, I will stretch and massage them nightly if that will keep them happy and uncrampy.  It’s the very least I can do.  They do carry my not unsubstantial weight around daily and if I’m being honest they have me hostage.  I’d agree to almost anything to avoid the foot cramping thing, but don’t tell them.  I have no idea what else they would demand of me or if I could afford it.

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  1. you know I am out of shape, but I used to mountain climb and bike a lot. the one thing we used to do for muscle ache and cramps is eat white glucose. the taste is something you need to get used to, but man does it help. They used to sell it in my country like a chocolate bar.

  2. cramps are caused by lactic acid build up in the muscle. If it always in a specific area you need to look to that area.

    How are your shoes? Insoles? socks?

    And as always, drink lots of water.

    My cramps stay in my calves.... and BADLY.... and never at a good time. Darn crabby muscles.