Tuesday, November 29, 2011

November 29, 2011 - Barcelona Part 1

L and I spent a long weekend exploring Barcelona.  Here’s a quick list of the things that impressed me about the city:

(1)   The subway is pretty easy to navigate (especially if L is doing the navigation)

(2)   The city is very pedestrian friendly.  The sidewalks are large and on many of the “main” streets there is large center walkway.

(3)   There are a lot of trees and green space.  I thought Chicago had this idea down pat but Barcelona has raised it to new heights.

 In keeping with tradition.... a Pic of L and I in Barcelona:

We arrived on Thursday and because it was Thanksgiving L had a “traditional” thanksgiving dinner at the Hard Rock Café.  I on the other hand had a traditional thanksgiving burger.  As you may have guessed L said I got the better deal.

L having Dinner and watching the football game, because she said it’s not thanksgiving without football.

While we wandered around Thursday evening I spotted this giant statue/monument of a goat standing on it's hind legs.  Why they have a statue of a goat I have no idea.
L insists that it's not a goat, but that was my first reaction when I saw the statue and frankly I had to share.  Yes, I am making an appointment to have my eyes tested when we are home in December.

I have no idea who this next statue is but you would be cranky too if your head was jammed under a platter:

Friday we went to see a park that Antonio Gaudi helped to build (I believe that is a true statement) that was orginally built as homes but was later donated to the city.  It reminded me of the children's game "Candy Land"

Then we went to the Olympic Stadium and I just liked the shape of the Radio Tower

Saturday we went to see the Sagrada Família, which is the basílica that Gaudí started building in 1889.  It's approximately 60% complete and not scheduled for actually completion until 2030.  It is HUGE and beautiful.  If you go to Barcelona I would highly recommend making a stop to see it.  These are just some of the stained glass.

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