Tuesday, November 22, 2011

November 22, 2011 – Brrrrr

It’s probably wrong that I am sitting in my office contemplating putting on a snow hat.  I’m also fairly happy that my laptop is overheating a bit because it’s keeping my hands warmish.  It’s not even that cold outside.  What the heck am I going to do when winter actually arrive.  Yes, I know I’ll be wearing the snow hat indoors instead of contemplating it.

I can remember a time when I would wander around in February in a denim jacket and shorts because I was warm.  Apparently I wasted all of that warmth on youth. 

It's moments like this when I miss a microwave.  Sure I mostly used the one at home as a clock, but it came in handy when I was drinking a cup of tea and needed to reheat it.  Sometimes it's just nice to hold a hot cup in my hands.

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  1. I have an electric cup warmer that I can send to you.... it runs on 120V though.