Monday, November 21, 2011

November 21, 2011 – Weekend Update - Art Show

Sunday L and I went to an Art Show.   I thought it was going to be a series of artists trying to sell their work.  That may actually have been the case in a few instances, but there were also galleries ore private collectors selling pieces.  I finally figured this out when we wandered by a display of painting that looked like Andy Warhol pieces.  I couldn’t imagine why someone would replicate an Andy Warhol and then try to sell it.  Really who wants a fake Cambell’s Tomato Soup can hanging on the wall.  Then I spotted the signature and realized that they were selling actual Andy Warhol pieces.

Then I thought “well hey for a mere 38,000 Euro = 51,000 USD we could own a Warhol or an extremely nice car or have a decent down payment on I don’t know… a house. Really is a painting of a soup can worth that much money?  I can buy a can of Cambell’s Tomato Soup and hang it on a wall for way less.  Plus it would be in 3D.  Ok fine, maybe I just don’t appreciate the finer things in life.  I like my soup hot, and with oyster crackers.

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