Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November 2, 2011 – Kim Kardashian

Excuse me while I take a break from our normally scheduled program to discuss the somewhat old news of Kim Kardashian’s pending divorce after 72 days of wedded bliss.  Now I can’t even pretend to know what happened with that relationship, in fact it would take up too much effort for me to even get to the point where I cared.  It’s actually pretty easy to find lists of the shortest celebrity marriages (there are quite a few).

  • Britney Spears & Jason Alexander married… 55 hours
  • Carmen Electra & Dennis Rodman…. 9 days
  • Mario Lopez & Ali Landry... 2 weeks
  • Drew Barrymore & Tom Green … 6 months (her second marriage the 1st lasted 6 weeks)
  • Dennis Hopper 7 Michelle Phillips… 8 days
Then of course there are the celebrities who have made getting married an art form:
  • Elizabeth Taylor… married 8 times
  • Mickey Rooney… 8 times
  • Zsa Za Gabor… 9 times
Here’s what I find ironic:  This has become routine.  Most people don’t even blink when a celebrity rushes off and gets married.  Heck, we even roll our eyes and aren’t particularly surprised when the marriage doesn’t last.  In fact, divorce seems to be so common place in society today that no one even bats an eye at it.  Do you know what surprises people; when a marriage lasts.  When I tell people my parents have been married “to each other” for more than 50 years, it’s a surprise because it’s a rarity.   Oh but of course the caveat in all of this is, the marriage has to be between a man and a woman because same-sex marriage would destroy the institution of marriage. 

Certainly we could find plenty of same sex couples who get together and break up in incredibly short periods of time, but with all of the above going on can people really say that it’s the concept of same-sex marriage that is destroying the institution of marriage?  Well, yes of course there are people who can say that.  I’m not that naive. 

Not too long ago Rick Perry, from Texas, was urging conservatives to try and repeal the 2009 New Hampshire law allowing same sex marriage because he supports the “sanctity of traditional marriage.”  Well good for Rick Perry, I support the sanctity of traditional marriage as well.  So much so that I think we should outlaw divorce.  You would be hard pressed to show me some statistical evidence that said because CT, NY, MA, NH, VT, IA, and Washington DC allow same sex couples to get married that it somehow resulted in the failure of Kim Kardashian’s marriage.

Regardless of if you are married or not, try this on for size.  Close your eyes and think about why it is that you want(ed) to get married in the 1st place.  Forget the religious aspects associated with the word.  Why did/do you want to get married?

To share with the world: 

This is the person I want to spend the rest of my life with.

This is the person who I choose to put before all others.

This is the person who makes me want to be a better person and helps be to be that person.

This is the person who I want to build a life with, someone who fills the gaps in my soul.  Gaps I didn’t even know where there until they were filled.

This is the person that I love.

I also understand that there are people out there that say Civil Unions allow that same thing.  The fact is they don’t, and they don’t because “Marriage” is understood as being all of the things I listed and more.  Yes, technically “Marriage” is just a word, but the word has meaning and weight.  With that one word other people understand the seriousness of your commitment to each other and all that intrinsically implies.  They know the rights and responsibilities that come with being married and yes for some it legitimizes the seriousness of the relationship.

Maybe I’m wrong, in which case I’ll apologize right now to Kim K.  “I am so very sorry that my marriage destroyed the sanctity of your “traditional” marriage”, but at the same time I will continue to work at making my non-traditional marriage work.  It’s important to me.

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  1. If they outlawed divorce your favorite sister would be miserably married to Ray and that would suck for me. I'm all for marriage and divorce for everyone. It's the killing of your spouse because you don't want to go through a divorce that I'm against. LOL! Love, Your Favorite Sister

  2. oooo.... I am 100% with your favorite sister on this one. Except his name was Mark. Ray belonged to MY sister.

    And I think you make marriage look good so those who say otherwise should stuff it.

  3. I'm with y'all.
    Except it was "AssFace" and "The Flying Pig" for me.

    "Ray" was actually a NICE guy. hehehe