Friday, November 18, 2011

November 18, 2011 - Ode To Chocolate

I believe this is the final piece of evidence that indicates that I truly have a problem.

If this just came in a tank top I would be buying it in a heartbeat:

Hello, my name is CAB and I am addicted to “almost” all things chocolate.  The almost caveat covers:
  • “White” chocolate which isn’t really chocolate a derivative of it.  Of course calling it “coco butter” doesn’t sound nearly as appetizing as “chocolate”, but hey if you like that, cool, someone has to.  Just not me.
  • “Any chocolate candies that contains liquor” has anyone ever eaten a chocolate infused with liquor that actually tasted good?
  • Along those lines: Any chocolate candies that are filled with a weird jelly like substance.  Why would someone do that?
I’m not opposed to things being mixed into chocolate.  I’m a big fan of nuts, peanut butter, nougat, toffee.  OMG Heath Bars are awesome.  Hmm, I’ve not seen anything even remotely Heath Bar-ish in Switzerland.  Oh and I am a huge fan of the Swiss and Belgian Chocolate.  What are those chocolate balls with the soft chocolate centers called?  Wow, that sentence sounds totally inappropriate when I say it out load.

Oh and when you google: Chocolate Addicts this is what comes up:

 Why would anyone go to rehab for chocolate?

So many questions so little time…

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  1. I am going to email you a recipe that is SO great and easy and delicious and...and...well, that's good enough I suppose. Anyway, I happen to be making it tonight - maybe you should too. :)

  2. Truffles, they are called truffles.

    I love all things dark chocolate.... white choc is for wimps.