Thursday, November 17, 2011

November 17, 2011 – Bullets

  • I went back to the COOP today and yes that is a bottle of black label Jack Daniels on the shelf and no there was not a bottle of “green label”.  (Someone asked).
  • Next week we are heading to Barcelona for a few days.  We’re taking advantage of the couple of days off I get for Thanksgiving.  L already made reservations at the Hard Rock Café for Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner.  I know, the Hard Rock Café and Thanksgiving dinner just seems wrong, but L loves Thanksgiving and since we will be there she found the only place that was offering it.  So we shall go.  For me personally, Thanksgiving Dinner has to have lasagna for it to be traditional.  Needless to say this should be entertaining and I’m looking forward to it.
  • Our neighbor gave us a “Crumple Map” of Barcelona.  I think this is the coolest thing.  Yes I am easily amused.
  • I have a couple of books I want to read but I am holding off for the weekend so I can stay focused on work.
  • Yes work is kicking my butt
  • I took the time to read the grand jury report on the Penn State Sandusky, for lack of a better word, debacle.  There are not words strong enough to describe my feelings on this and the disgusting lack of action by the parties who were informed of the ongoing abuse.  Hello... why did no one call the POLICE.  Not the campus police/security.  The actual police.  I know there are all sorts of justifications being thrown around.  I also know that I can not imagine what these "witnesses" went through but I would hope that if I had been in their shoes.  I'd have at the very least called the police.

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  1. I read that report too... wanted to cut through the bs and tap dancing.... I kind of wish I hadn't. It made me very sad.... and very angry.

  2. I can't believe the Grad Assistant Coach (who is about 6' 4" tall) didn't pull Sandusky off the boy and hold him down until the Police arrived. Those poor boys were already "at risk" youths. I hope the sick bastard rots in jail. On to happier thoughts-- those crumple maps look totally amazing. Enjoy Barcelona. Love, Your Favorite Sister