Tuesday, November 15, 2011

November 15, 2011 – Pet Peeve

This is not what I had planned on talking about today but then again, nothing ever goes quite as planned.  I like Switzerland.  I do.  Not so much that I want to live here the rest of my life but certainly enough to enjoy the time we are here.  However, and this is a big however.  I’m beyond upset at the number of people who have their dogs off leash.  Worse they are off leash and their owners are nowhere to be seen.  Fine, some people will say that the Swiss are used to having their dogs off leash and that it’s cultural.  Well goodie for them.  Do you know what’s not cultural, having a freaking dog come after me snarling and snapping.  What’s worse is having a dog come after me and my dog, who IS on leash, and the owner being shocked that their dog is being aggressive.  Ok I’ll buy that bridge the 1st time your damn dog comes after me, I might forgive you the second time because you’re too far away from the freaking dog to notice.  What I wont forgive is that your damn dog is loose, running around having a grand old time, because you decided to let it out of your nice fenced in yard to get some exercise.  I’m tired of having dogs snapping at me and Ernie.  What I really want to do is kick one of these dogs teeth in.  That’s what I want to do, but frankly I’m a little afraid of big dogs, and I’m really afraid of dogs that come up to me too quickly and snarling. 

I’ve altered where I walk with Ernie to avoid some of these encounters, but I thought that I was ok yesterday late afternoon as I walked through the park.  The aggressive dog I have only encountered their on the weekends.  Ernie and I were almost through the park when I looked down and there was a dog at my ankle.  No kidding.  She scared the crap out of me, before I recognized that she’s the nice one.  Off in the distance I could see the other one, so now I’m backing out of the park because I don’t want to turn my back to this other dog.  The last thing I need is to have it come up on me while I’m not watching.  Where are the owners?  Who the heck knows.  Probably in the house having a cup of tea.  So last night I was shook up and a little upset about this… again.

So what happens?  This morning I take the boy out for his walk.  Avoiding the park and heading to the bus stop instead.  We’re about ½ there when a small black dog comes out of its driveway and is suddenly nose to nose with Ernie and snarling.  I swear I have no idea why I don’t just let go of Ernie’s leash and let him defend himself.   Instead this little dog nips Ernie on the leg and I’ve completely lost it and I’m yelling at the damn dog to get the hell away from us.  Two things happened:  I think I stunned the dog because it stopped moving, and the owner came running.  I’m sure the owner was trying to figure out what some crazy non-German speaking woman was screaming at their dog about.  He apologized, or at least that’s what I interpreted the “Excuse Me” to mean.

Here’s what I want to know?  If I start carrying a stick am I within my Swiss rights to defend myself and my dog with it?  Yes that means that I certainly will threaten the next dog who comes at me with it, and yes that means that I might very well attempt to crack the damn dogs' head open with it if the dog doesn’t back off.  What do you suppose the dog owners reaction would be to a crazy woman wielding an axe handle over head?  Of course that assumes the owner is anywhere in sight.

I really hate stupid dog owners and I hate that I am slowly becoming more afraid of dogs.  I had outgrown that.  Stupid Switzerland.

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  1. HUGS very sorry.

    It is definitely a European thing. When we were in Venice we were amazed at the number of dogs that were apparently just wandering the street but were actually with an owner. It was weird to watch a dog just go walking down the street then stop at a bridge to wait for his owner to catch up before crossing.

    Luckily we never had any encounters with any that cared about other people, they were in their own little world and we left them alone.

    I think letting the beast off his leash might be liberating for him :)

  2. Pepper spray. It is legal and works... spray the snot out of every dog that comes at you snarling...